Vinyl Me Please Monthly Reviews

Vinyl Me Please is a monthly Vinyl Record subscription. Customers receive a new random vinyl in their mail. The bands are often up and coming musicians. Read about the records in our Vinyl Me Please Monthly Reviews.

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Vinyl Me Please Monthly Reviews

Vinyl me Please December

December 2016

This December we received Nina Simone Sings the Blues in the mail. We loved the mournful blues of this months Vinyl me please record.

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Vinyl Me Please November.

November 2016

This month we received The Lemon of Pink by the Books. Vinyl Me Please explains the record as a Mystery waiting to be discovered. We were eager to listen and explore the album for ourselves.

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Vinyl me Please October

October 2016

The Vinyl that came this month was called Odelay. Beck released it in 1996 and Vinyl me please has re-released it in 2016. It was a unique experience to hear this blast form the past.

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Vinyl me please September

September 2016

The Vinyl this month is a record from the Glass Animals. The new band is from the UK, but their music is spreading quickly. There is a good chance you have heard a few of the songs from “How to be a Human Being” on the radio. It was very exciting to own a custom Vinyl from them.

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Unlike VNYL which sends a curated vinyl record each month, Vinyl Me Please is random. It is sometimes refreshing to discover music that is so completely outside of your style. It does mean that some of the records might not be for you, but we think the risk is worth the cost.

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Vinyl Me Please Monthly Reviews Summary

Bookmark this page to see our monthly updates. Or better yet, sign up for yourself and get a new record in the mail each month. It’s time to get addicted to vinyl records again.

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