Vinyl Me Please October 2016

Vinyl Me, Please is a Vinyl record subscription service. They send out a new Vinyl record each month. This months Vinyl was “Odelay” by none other than Beck. Enjoy our Vinyl Me Please October 2016 Review.

Read our Vinyl Me Please October 2016 Review

The Vinyl Me Please subscription comes with:

Vinyl Records


Custom Cocktails

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Custom Artwork


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Vinyl me please October 2016 Review

The Vinyl that came this month was called Odelay. Beck released it in 1996 and Vinyl me please has re-released it in 2016. It was a unique experience to hear this blast form the past.

The best way to describe the Odelay album is an audio experiment. Beck took a large amount of music genres and mixed them into Odelay. What you are left with is a musical journey through very different styles.

The album pushed and pulled us, confusing the ear as each new song jumped around. It was easy to see how early Beck used this experimentation to find his voice.

Check out the Vinyl Me Please Review October 2016 Album Artwork

The original artwork this month was one of our favorites. The simple graphic design has a way of holding your eye. It was created by Scott Allen Hill and we look forward to checking out more of his work.

The cocktail was the Odelay + Vesper. We dug around to find our martini glass just to experience the Vesper with original Beck. It was a pretty unique night.

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The Verdict: Good

It was cool to see where Beck started out. The Odelay album was a musical journey that crossed the genres. It wasn’t our favorite album we have recieved, but it was still good. Tell us what you thought in the comments below!

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