The Top 5 Things To Do In Exuma Bahamas

The Top 5 Things To Do In Exuma Bahamas (Without Breaking The Bank)

Exuma is one of the most beautiful islands I have ever visited. The weather is perfect, the beaches are soft, and the beers are cold. It’s no wonder so many tourists travel to the Bahamas from around the world. I have put together my top 5 things to do in Exuma without spending too much.

Rent A Boat In Exuma

Rent Your Own Boat

Honestly I tried doing everything on Exuma and renting my own boat was the cheapest to fun ratio. The tourist day tours cost around $180 per person which is a tiny bit less than renting a boat for a full day.

The best part is you can go wherever you like (in the bay) and there are a ton of reefs and resturants you would never be able to get to without your own boat.

Minns Water Sports (Discover More)

On A side note, I just discovered that you can rent boats through Airbnb!

Find Your Beach In Exuma

Find Your Beach

Exuma is a small island with sandy beaches on all sides. No matter what hotel you are staying at, there is a beach near by. If you are coming to Exuma, then you are coming for sun. Get your favorite book on the kindle and relax.

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Go Snorkeling In Exuma

Go Snorkeling

While Exuma doesn’t have the best snorkeling I’ve ever seen, it isn’t the worst either. They have a ton of shallow reefs or the more adventurous travelers can rent a boat and snorkel out in the ocean.

Exuma has floating buoy’s that conveniently mark each reef below the water. I had a great time until I looked to my right and saw a big shark. I decided to stay closer into the shore after that!

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Play with Stingrays at Chat N Chill in Exuma

Play With StingRays at Chat N Chill

Chat N Chill is a small beach bar/restaurant located across the bay from Exuma. You will either need your own boat or a water taxi to get here but the travel is worth it.

Get an ice cold beer and watch Stringrays swim around your feet in the shallow water. Make sure to be there for the Sunday Pig Roast as it is super yummy.

Chat N Chill (Discover More)

Exuma Full Day Water Tour With Swimming Pigs, Iguana, and Nurse Sharks

Full Day Tour (With Pigs)

I’m adding this to my list because I am 100% sure you will be talked into going on the big Exuma day tour. The tour shows you swimming pigs, nurse sharks, iguanas, and the keys. I did have a good time on the tour, though I thought the price was a little steep.

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Exuma Bahamas Summary

I loved my time in Exuma and look forward to heading back. I hope my suggestions help you discover a great trip of your own.

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