Our Top 5 Things To Do in Des Moines

Top 5 Things to Do In Des Moines

Des Moines is the capitol city of Iowa, boasting a population over 200,000 people. It may seem like a sleepy city on the surface, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Check out my top 5 things to do in Des Moines to really see what this city has to offer.

Des Moines Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Open every Saturday May 6 – Oct 28, the Des Moines farmers market is something that you shouldn’t miss. It boasts over 300 stalls and is easily one of the largest farmers markets I have ever been to.

They have live music and a wide range of food and groceries. Check out their site below to get more information about the market.

Farmers Market (Discover More)

Des Moines Brewery Scene

The Brewery Scene

I was blown away by the sheer number of breweries in Des Moines. In the East Village alone there are a large number of brew halls. If you are into craft brewing, Des Moines will have a beer for you.

My favorite place to drink was the Iowa Tap Room. It is housed in a refurbished industrial building and offers hundreds of craft beers from all over Iowa.

Iowa Tap Room (Discover Them Here)

Des Moines Hipster Coffee Shops

Hipster Coffee Shops

Des Moines has a growing coffee scene. It is important that I get my morning coffee, so any city worth its salt needs to have at least one great coffee shop.

In Des Moines that coffee shop for me was Zanzibar’s. This coffee shop makes truly delicious drinks and provides a great place to relax.

Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure (Discover More)

Des Moines Botanical Garden

Des Moines Botanical Garden

Des Moines has a fantastic botanical garden that I spent hours wandering around in. It has a massive tropical garden that has a wide range of beautiful jungle plants. The botanical garden also has weekly events.

When I went they were selling unique and rare plants to improve your garden. If I hadn’t been flying on a plane I would have bought 5-6 different plants.

Des Moines Botanical Garden (Discover More)

Des Moines Resturants

Killer Restaurants

Resturants may sound like a cop out selection, but Des Moines did have some fantastic places to eat.

One of my favorites was Eatery A which is a little bit outside the main downtown, but is in a nice historic area.

Eatery A (Discover More)

Whether you are visiting Des Moines or living there, this list of events can help provide some entertainment. I hope you enjoy this wonderful city as much as I did.

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