Suissly Medium Firm Mattress Review

The Suissly Medium firm mattress might be one of those beds that change the industry. This new-to-the-market mattress uses a combination of latex and inner pocket coils to give a truly unique feel and response. Back sleepers will especially love the feel of this bed. Read our Suissly Medium Firm mattress review and learn what makes this bed so unique.

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Sleeping on the Suissly Medium Firm Mattress


This bed scored an 7 out of 10 in our firmness rating. If you check out our other Suissly mattress reviews, you will notice that we rate this firmer than the firm. This is based on the initial feel, the bed does get softer as you lay on it. We believe this is because of Pocket coil technology found inside the medium-firm. The coils provide a springiness not typically found in traditional latex and foam beds.

While it does create a firmer feel, the coils provide phenomenal support. Back sleepers will be in heaven with the medium firm mattress. The coils and top latex later combine to give a responsiveness we have yet to find in other Box Mattresses. This means good things for energetic couples in the bedroom. We will be adding this bed to our list of Top 5 mattresses for sex.


We recorded a sinkage of about 2 inches with this mattress. The top latex gives some softness while the pocket springs give the support beneath. This bed will give a little, but won’t feel like you are being swallowed by quicksand.


We had no issues at all with the temperature of this Suissly mattress. The latex top provides a refreshing sleep regardless of the room temperature.

We also found no significant off gassing with the Suissly mattresses. They are very focused on organic materials and earth friendly practices. Customers can sleep soundly knowing their bed had an almost zero impact on the earth.

How the Suissly is Made


For our Suissly medium firm mattress review, we had fun taking apart the mattress. Let’s check out the three different layers that give this bed its firm, supported feel.

  • Mattress cover

    We love the look of this knitted viscose blend cover. As well as it aesthetic appearance, the cover is very soft and cool during the night.

  • Top layer

    1.5″ of GOLS-certified Dunlop latex provides the firm but gentle top.

  • Middle Layer

    1.5″ of memory foam act to disperse the sleepers weight and soften the bed.

  • Bottom Layer

    7″ of Pocket Coils give us one of the most responsive beds we have experienced. Read more about Pocket Coils Here.

Find out how the suissly medium firm is built

Mattress Customer Support and warranty:

  • Free Shipping in the US
  • 100 day risk-free trial period
  • 10 year warranty
  • Useful wheels on box to help customers
  • Discounts: Use Suissly Promo Code TOPDOWN for 10% off

Mattress Cost

The Suissly Medium Firm bed is actually a little bit more expensive than the medium. This price increase comes from the structural components being used. This bed is still average for the mattress in a box industry.












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Quick Read: 


While it may seem very firm at first, this mattress softens slightly as it disperses your weight. After trying the Medium Firm we can’t deny how great a mattress it is. The pocket coils and latex work together to give a great sleep to anyone who loves a firmer bed (usually back sleepers). We also love how earth friendly Suissly is with the construction of their mattress.

Suissly Medium Firm Mattress Rating














Who should buy the Suissly Medium Firm?

  • Back sleepers looking for a firmer bed with great support
  • Sleepers who are very active sexually, the pocket coils give great response.
  • Sleepers willing to spend a tiny bit more for a top quality bed. $999 is the price for the queen before discounts.

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  1. Hey Clint,
    Thanks for the review on the Suissly med firm. Wondering your opinion for side sleepers? I’m looking for firmness for support with some cushion for my aching shoulders and hips. How does it compare to the Purple mattress?

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      If you get aching shoulders and hips it might actually be because your bed is too firm. It’s important to realize you can have a softer mattress that still has great support. Have you tried a softer bed before? My partner is a side sleeper and she found she preferred a softer mattress as it put less pressure on her shoulder and hip joints.

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