Suissly Mattress Reviews

Suissly is a Santa Barbara based mattress company that ships their beds out of Colorado. We recently had an opportunity to try out the four beds they make. To help all sleepers, Suissly makes a soft, medium, medium firm and firm mattress. Make sure to read each of our Suissly Mattress Reviews because innovative pocket spring technology causes the feel to be different for each bed.

Suissly Mattress Reviews

Suissly Medium Mattress Review.

Suissly Medium Mattress

The medium is what we could consider Suissly’s softest bed. Using a unique combination of Dreamfoam and memory foam, Suissly has created a seriously soft mattress. Side sleepers will love the way this bed disperses your weight around the hip and shoulder areas. Read our Suissly medium mattress review to get all the details about this bed.

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Suissly Medium Firm Mattress Review

Suissly Medium Firm Mattress

The Medium firm is another of the mattresses we believe has been mislabeled. This bed also has the pocket coils which give an incredible responsiveness to the bed.  We found that this mattress felt the firmest of all the Suissly beds. Read our Medium firm mattress review to learn if this bed is right for you.

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Suissly Medium Firm Mattress Review

Suissly Firm Mattress

The Suissly firm relies on a latex and memory foam top to create a firm yet soft sleep. We loved the way this bed contoured to our body as we laid on it. Check out our Suissly firm mattress full review here if you are interested in their firm bed.

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Suissly mattress reviews summary

Overall, we found all the Suissly mattresses to be fantastic beds. The inner coil technology makes the Suissly stand out amongst the other mattresses-in-a-box. They also use only the highest quality materials, going so far as to import their organic latex from outside the US. Use our reviews to discover which firmness is right for you and give the Suissly mattress a try. They offer a 100-day return so customers can shop stress-free.

Suissly Overall Mattress Rating


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  1. Hello again,
    Im trying to decide between Suissly medium and medium soft. We love soft mattresses (side and back sleepers) and we also co-sleeping with our 9 mts old. So we also need a mattress with the least motion transfer. Which one do you think the best? If you could answer this ASAP that’d be great as we are trying to purchase it today. Thank you!

    1. Hi Renny,

      Thanks so much for reaching out and helping check our site. If you are looking for the least amount of motion transfer then you should try out the Suissly Medium. The Medium mattress is an entirely foam bed which helps minimize horizontal motion transfer. The Medium soft has coils as a foundation which give a more responsive sleep, but also provide a bit more motion transfer. Let us know which you ended up choosing and how it worked out for you.


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