Planning Your Next Ski Trip To South Lake Tahoe or SLT

Skiing In South Lake Tahoe

Whether you are looking to only ski or do other activities, South Lake Tahoe is the place for you. Join me as I explore this small city and everything it has to offer!


Heavenly Resort

There are hundreds of reasons people flock to South Lake Tahoe, but skiing is the biggest. There are tons of ski resorts and hundreds of slopes easily accessible. The easiest of all of them would have to be Heavenly Ski Resort. It’s so close to town that you can literally ski down the slopes to a grocery store on some days.

The prices are reasonable as ski lifts go, if you order ahead you can get a day for $123. The slopes are great and there are a good number of express ski lifts that will get you to the top of the mountain in no time.

Locals Tip: Drive to Heavenly Sports РCA Main Lodge and enjoy the free parking and proximity to the slopes.


Harrah's Casino

Once the day on the slopes is over, why not earn some of those lift ticket prices back. Crossing over the state line into Nevada couldn’t be easier in South Lake Tahoe, but returning with your money might not be so easy. Harrah’s Casino is conveniently located directly on the border between California and Nevada.

If you have ever been to Vegas, then you know what to expect with Harrah’s. The only difference is at Harrah’s when you leave it is snowing. Enjoy slots, blackjack, roulette and everything else you would expect to find in Vegas. There are even live shows and a club for those not expecting to wake up early the next morning,

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Lucky Beaver Bar

For those of you not interested in gambling, South Lake Tahoe is full of fine dining, bars, and a few rougher establishments. Put your feet up at the Lucky Beaver or sample some unique beers at the Lake Tahoe Ale Worx.

I won’t go into all the restaurants and bars here, but I will say that there is something for everyone.


Puzzle Game Tahoe

If you have never done an escape room now is the time to try. Check out the Puzzle Room Tahoe and discover how much fun you can have off the slopes. I did the Lost Cabin escape room and had a great time. I thoroughly recommend that one.

Whichever adventure you find best for you, good luck and happy adventuring!

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