Nest Bedding Natural Hybrid Latex Mattress Review

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Nest Bedding's Natural Hybrid Latex has proven to be a high quality mattress at a great price. It has a comfortable natural latex top, providing fantastic responsiveness and support without the drawbacks of motion transfer. Additionally, the mattress is made with organic knit cotton, Joma Wool and with the support of high-quality individual pocketed coils. Needless to say, we're fans!

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Natural Hybrid Latex (Medium Firmness)

I found the Natural Hybrid Latex to be a supportive mattress, while still feeling like a luxury bed you might find in a fancy hotel. The top layer is nice and soft without causing you to sink, and the rest of the bed feels full supportive for a rejuvenating nights' sleep.

The Medium version should work well for multiple types of sleepers, but is best for back sleepers. I sleep on my back and love the support this mattress lends. My partner sleeps on her side and likes the comfort of the top layer, but says she could use a slightly more plush top.

Motion Transfer

I found this mattress to have decently low motion transfer. Meaning, if you wriggle around a lot in the night, your partner wouldn't feel a lot of that on their side of the bed. This is important if two people go to bed or wake up at different times, or if one person is a light sleeper. 

Pros & Cons


  • Very comfortable mattress, ideal for back sleepers
  • Great Coil Foundation that will leave you rested
  • 100 night sleep trial
  • Lifetime Comfort Guarantee means you are secure for life
  • Free Shipping


  • Not super ideal for side-only sleepers

We Recommend This Bed To Sleepers Who:

  • Sleepers who want a supportive bed
    This mattress firmness comes in at a 7/10. It's ideal for back sleepers.
  • Sleepers who wake up at different times
    This mattress does not transfer motion very much, allowing two people to keep different sleep schedules without waking the other.
  • Consumers who are looking for more natural materials
    Made out of organic and natural materials, this is one of the best buys on the market.

Mattress Construction

The Natural Hybrid Latex Mattress was designed for consumers who are looking for a more natural option for their sleep products. Below you can find the breakdown of materials found inside this mattress:

  • Top Layer

    0.1" Organic Stretch Knit Cotton and Joma Wool

  • Second Layer

    1.5" 1.5lb Eco Flex Quilting Foam

  • Third Layer

    3" Oeko-tex Cert. Dunlop Latex

  • Fourth Layer

    1" 1.5LB Eco-Friendly Comfort Foam

  • Fifth Layer

    6" Superior Edge Support Pocketed Support Coils

  • Bottom Layer

    1" 1.5lb Support Foam

Mattress Cost

A queen Natural Hybrid Latex costs $1599.00. While this isn't the cheapest bed out there, it is very hard to put a price on comfort. I would definitely pay more for the comfort that I received when sleeping on this bed.

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Mattress Customer Support and warranty:

  • Free Shipping
  • 100 night trial period
  • Lifetime warranty




Natural Hybrid Latex Mattress Review

The Natural Hybrid Latex Medium delivers a fantastic nights sleep, particularly for back sleepers. Nest provides a comfortable yet supportive bed.

If you are looking for a moderately priced hybrid bed that is made from high quality, organic materials, and is super comfortable then I would highly suggest the Natural Hybrid Latex mattress.



Queen Cost


Risk-Free Trial Period

100 Night

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