Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Sleep is sure they have created the best mattress. Nectar is so confident that customers have 365 days to try the bed risk-free. If you decide it isn’t for you at any time, they come pick it up, and you get 100% of your money back. The Nectar mattress has a bunch of other advantages that other foam beds lack. Read our Nectar Mattress Review and find out why the Nectar might be right for you.

NECTAR Mattress Review

Note: I’m a side and back sleeper, so this is from my perspective. Scroll down to the bottom of this section for a quick perspective from a side sleeper.

I found that the Nectar Sleep Mattress was a slightly firmer bed. I give it a 6-7 out of 10 firmness. (10 being the firmest) The Nectar had a great feel to it when I first laid down. It was firm, but the top layer had a small amount of cushioning. On first impression I assumed this bed would be perfect for back sleepers who want a solid mattress but like some comfort.

The Nectar was a dream for my joints and back. The support of the NECTAR Mattress comes from the 3″ adaptive high core memory foam. This layer dispersed the my weight over the foundation layer below.

Unpacking the Nectar

Great Responsiveness

The responsiveness of this bed was fantastic. I just added the Nectar to our Top 5 Mattresses for Sex list. For a full foam bed, I was very surprised by the bounce and feel the Nectar provided. The energetic material makes nighttime activities easier.

I was surprised by how well the Nectar limited the horizontal motion transfer between sleepers. With such a responsive bed I would have expected a small amount of movement across the mattress. I was pleased to find that I could roll around during the night and not disturb my partner.

Sleep cool with the Nectar

With foam mattresses, the temperature is always a bit concern. NECTAR fights this by using a Tencel Fiber cover that promotes air circulation. They have which incorporates a Quilted Gel memory foam. The foam encourages extra air flow. The result is a memory foam bed that didn’t overheat during the night.

There is a small amount of smell upon opening the NECTAR Mattress box, but it dissipates decently quickly. Most of it left after the first 12 hours. We could still smell it a little bit 2 days later, but then the smell went away. And luckily NECTAR Sleep has been independently certified by CertiPur to be free of any harmful chemicals and gasses. Customers can sleep comfortably knowing they are on a safe bed.

Alternative Perspective from a Side Sleeper

This is written by my partner, who sleeps on her side. She had a slightly different experience with the NECTAR.

In the past I’ve definitely preferred medium or soft mattresses, or at least ones with a pretty hefty cushion top. So when we first put the NECTAR onto our bed frame and I climbed onto it, I knew right away that it wasn’t going to be my perfect mattress. To me it felt very firm, and also felt like a surprisingly dense mattress (it was very heavy when we were moving it).

But still, I persevered! I slept on it that night fully expecting to have a tough night’s sleep. Surprisingly, I actually slept really well. It was not so firm as to hurt my back, and the soft topping texture actually meant my side leg didn’t slip as I was curled on my side (a common firm mattress issue I have). Somehow it didn’t feel as firm when I was sleeping as it did when I first crawled onto it.

Overall, the NECTAR wouldn’t be my first choice as a side sleeper. I prefer feeling like I’m sleeping on a cloud. However, it was surprisingly nice for a firm mattress, which is something I wouldn’t normally say.

Pros & Cons


  • Great blend of firmness with just a touch of comfort
  • Well built mattress that leaves you fresh and pain-free in the morning
  • Copy of 356-day trial is longest in industry
  • Lifetime warranty is longest in industry
  • Free Shipping
  • Discount coupon worth $100


  • Firmer mattress might be too hard for side sleepers
  • Smell took over a day to dissipate
  • Bag wrapping made it a pain to unwrap

We Recommend This Bed To Sleepers Who:

  • Sleepers who like a slightly firmer bed
    The Nectar comes in at around a 7 out 10 firmness. It still has a touch of softness which makes for a supportive but comfortable sleep.
  • Sleepers who overheat.
    The Nectar mattress does a fantastic job staying cool through the night.
  • Sleepers looking for a responsive mattress
    I was very surprised by how responsive and energetic this mattress is.

Mattress Construction

The Nectar Mattress was designed to appeal to the average sleeper. The result is an 11″ bed with everything a healthy adult needs to support.

  • Mattress cover

    Nectar uses a quilted Tencel fabric cover that helps with airflow and heat. The material is soft yet feels durable enough to last for a long time.

  • Top Layer

    The top layer is 1″ of quilted gel foam. The quilting process adds extra breathability and softness but does take a lot longer to construct. Nectar is ensuring a cooler, softer top by spending the extra time on this layer.

  • Second Layer

    A 1″ gel foam provides the second level of support and comfort. The gel not only circulates air to keep the sleeper cool, but it also helps disperse their weight evenly.

  • Third Layer

    A 3″ hi core memory foam provides the transition of the softer top and the firm foundation below.

  • Bottom Layer

    The last layer is a 6″ high-density (2.2lb) foam. This final layer provides the firm support needed for ideal back alignment.

Find out what is happening inside the Nectar Mattress

Mattress Cost

The Nectar Mattress is a little cheaper than average. Customers will pay $725 for a queen, before the $100 discount. The impressive aspect of this mattress is the warranty and trial period. Nectar Sleep offers a 365 day trial period which is an unheard of amount of time. They also offer a lifetime warranty which is also not something traditionally done in the industry.

Nectar Mattress Promo Codes

Nectar Mattress is offering new customers $100 off. Use our Nectar promo codes before you buy to get the discount. The Nectar is reasonably priced, getting $100 off is the icing on the cake.











Mattress Customer Support and warranty:




Nectar Mattress Review

The Nectar mattress is a firmer bed, with just a slight amount of softness. As a back sleeper, I found that it gave terrific support through the night and had an amazing level of responsiveness for a full foam bed. My partner is a side sleeper and didn’t mind the Nectar, but it wasn’t her favorite.

So if you are looking for a more firm mattress for a great price I would definitely recommend trying out the Nectar. Their 365 day risk-free trial period means you have a lot of time to make sure it is right for you.



Queen Cost


Risk-Free Trial Period

365 Night

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Comments 3

  1. I’m experiencing the shipping delays with Nectar. Thinking about cancelling my order. Their customer service is incompetent. After my purchase on Mar 19th they made it seem Apr 4th was when I would receive it. It took a few emails just to confirm this was the shipping date. After they confirmed this was the shipping date they send a generic email saying my order may or may not be shipped in the next 20 days. … This is incredibly frustrating. Wish I had not dealt with them at all and purchased from a competitor. If these idiots keep ignoring my emails I’ll be doing that.

    They’ve charge my Visa at the time of purchase and haven’t been truthful about the shipping date. Anyone wanting a mattress in the next few months, stay away from these guys. They’ll take your money and send you a mattress On or Before 2020.

  2. Ordered a Nectar mattress last December. We like the mattress, but the customer support is terrible. Also, the referral program does not exist. It is basically a scam. They will never send you a referral link. Order this mattress if you don’t think you will ever need to contact customer support for any reason.

  3. Just a follow up. I cancelled my order and asked for a refund. They shorted me $60 and have been ignoring my emails to get the rest of my money back.

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