Matsleep Mattress Review | A Nice Balance Of Comfort & Support

MatSleep Mattress Review

Matsleep offers a unique twist on a memory foam mattress with layers of natural Tencel fabric (organic fabric from eucalyptus wood), high-density natural latex, gel infused memory foam, and a high resilience foam base support. Read my review below to see if this mattress is a match for you. Side-note: While the mattress is compatible with all types of base like slatted bed base, a box spring, traditional bed or an electrically adjustable bed, I reviewed the Matsleep mattress with a box spring.

Matsleep Mattress Review

Matsleep set out to build a mattress that could work for every type of sleeper out there. It’s an ambitious goal that is a little unlikely since there are such a wide range of sleepers. I was excited to put this mattress to the test and see if it really does give universal comfort. Find out how the Matsleep did below.

How The Matsleep Bed Sleeps


I gave the Matsleep a 7 out of 10 firmness (10 being the firmest). Don’t let the initial softness of the latex and memory foam fool you, the high resilience foam base support gives this mattress a stable foundation and plenty of firmness. I found the matsleep comfortable as a back and side sleeper, though I believe it might be too firm for a stomach sleeper.


The queen Matsleep mattress that I reviewed had good support. While there is a small initial sink-in feeling from the latex and foam, the mattress stands up to a night of sleep without sagging. The mattress actually conformed to my body which was great at removing any pressure points. As a back sleeper, I woke up each day without any back pain.


The Matsleep had average responsiveness (how quickly the bed bounces back when you press your hand into it). It won’t spring back right away like a hybrid or full spring mattress, but for a memory foam, Matsleep comes back quicker than average. Watch my youtube video below to see how well this mattress responds when I push into it.


I found this mattress on the warmer side, but no issues with overheating. Matsleep is topped with high-density natural Tencel fabric, a natural, organic fabric that comes from the eucalyptus wood, which allows moisture to drain out easily and thereby keeps you cool.


I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of smell when opening the box. The Matsleep mattress is Certipur-us Certified. I was able to lay down on this mattress right away. You won’t need to let it air out like some of the other beds.

Check out Topdown’s youtube review of the Matsleep Mattress.

Extra Matsleep Mattress Info

Kings – $895
Queen – $795
Full – $745
Twin XL – $645
Twin – $575

Matsleep is offering a great discount now that gets customers $200 off their already low prices.


  • Great support that left me pain-free in the morning
  • CertiPUR-US approved and chemical free
  • Matsleep partners with Klarna to offer a monthly payment plan
  • 100-night trial & free returns, after a 30 day trial period (will take returns up to 365 night after purchase, but after 100 nights, you pay for shipping)
  • 10-year warranty
  • Easy to handle – two handles per side make it easy to move the mattress
  • Arrives in a box with wheels for easy transportation


  • Less responsive than a traditional coil mattress
  • Too firm for stomach sleepers

Matsleep Mattress Review Summary

Rating: 9.4

Matsleep offers a great balance of comfort and good support, unique to a foam mattress. The natural Tencel fabric is anti-allergic and antibacterial so those of you sensitive to allergies should really consider this mattress. Check out our youtube review to get a better sense of firmness and support.

Check out the Matsleep Mattress for yourself and get $200 Off.

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