Layla Mattress Review

Layla Mattress Review

I set aside my old mattress to test out the Layla Mattress. Layla is a huge name in the online mattress industry, so I had to see what the fuss what all about. I'll say this—I am currently writing this Layla review from I have am having such a hard time leaving it.

Layla Mattress  Review

The most important thing to know about the Layla Mattress is that it is actually two different mattresses. Put it one side up and it is a firmer mattress, flip it over and you have a softer mattress. This gives the sleeper a choice between soft and hard. If you are like me, you might just discover you actually prefer a different type of sleep than you originally thought.

I have always slept on softer mattresses. I am a side sleeper and love being comfy so it goes without reason a soft bed is the way to go. When the Layla arrived I was pleased to discover that the soft side is indeed very soft. You could easily say the Layla soft side is like sleeping on a cloud. I would give it a 4 out of 10 firmness (1 being the softest).

Luckily for me, I decided that for the sake of this review I needed to try out the firmer side of the Layla. After a little bit of struggle (switching mattress sides isn't the easiest—it's heavy!), I spent some weeks sleeping on the firmer side. It was such a surprise! I discovered that you can have both softness and firmness combined. While not as soft as the soft side, the Layla firm had more than enough comfort and sink, but also made it so I never woke up sore in the morning. It also had a responsiveness that I realized I was lacking with softer beds. I would give the firm side a 6 out of 10 firmness (1 being the softest).

Unpacking the Layla

Unpacking the Layla was pretty standard for the mattress in a box industry. The box it is delivered in is quite heavy, so make sure you have help. I recommend getting everything in position before unwrapping the bed. Once it is fully expanded, it is a lot harder to move around. It is definitely more of a two person job than a solo job, but it can be done alone if you're determined.

Layla Temperature

The Layla passed all of my temperature tests with flying colors. I never felt hot sleeping on either side of the Layla. It does a remarkable job staying cool for a full foam mattress.

Layla Construction

The Layla Mattress is made from four different foam layers. 

  1. 3" Copper Infused Memory Foam- This layer allows for rapid heat dispersion to keep you cool. It also provides the comfortable top.
  2. 2" Convoluted Support Foam - Eggshell type structure allows airflow and provides the softness you feel when sleeping on the soft side of the Layla.
  3. 4.5" Base Support Foam- This is where your support comes from. This 4.5 inch foam layer is what keeps you from getting a sore back during the night.
  4. 1" Copper Infused Memory Foam - This comfort layer is for those who decide to flip the Layla over and sleep on the firm side.

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Layla Mattress Critiques

I only have two real critiques for the Layla mattress. The first would have to be how hard it is to flip the mattress over to the firm side. I have tried other dual firmness mattresses which are designed to literally flip the mattress over and sleep. 

The Layla makes it a bit harder by requiring the customer to unzip the cover and remove it. Then you have to flip the mattress over and put the cover back on. This bed isn't light and the cover is pretty tight fitting, so I may have gotten a little frustrated at times. Layla also has a warning on their site that says: "When flipping or moving your mattress be careful not to pinch-grab the foam to lift or pull the mattress as this can cause the foam to tear which would not be covered under warranty".  And there isn't really an obvious way to do the flipping without any grabbing or pinching—so a set of handles would have been much appreciated. 

My second critique would have to be the edge firmness. Sitting on the edge of the Layla, I feel like I am about to slide off the bed. Though this is a critique I have with all full foam mattresses. And to be fair, mattresses are mainly made to be slept on, not perched on the edge of.

Layla Mattress Review Summary

Rating 9.7/10 | Final Thoughts

The Layla Mattress was more than "just" comfortable, it opened my eyes to a better sleep. It has a luxurious sinky-ness without being hot or making you sore.

For back sleepers I definitely recommend trying out the firm side, and for side sleepers I think it's worth trying out both sides to see what suits you best. I was surprised!

I would never have tried a firmer mattress if it wasn't for the dual options the Layla offers. I have found my perfect level of firmness and comfort with the Layla Mattress, firm side.

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