La Condesa Is Mexico Cities Ultimate Hidden Gem

Mexico City: Exploring La Condesa

Exploring the most European area of Mexico City.


La Condesa is a Hidden Gem in Mexico City
Daytime: Walking Tour

Welcome the unexpected as you stroll through the Mexico City neighborhood of La Condesa. I had always pictured Mexico City as a dense, dirty urban environment. But I found I couldn’t have been more wrong as I walked down the tree covered streets of La Condesa.

Old beautiful buildings line tree covered roads that any westerner would happily call home. Cute and hip coffee shops can be found everywhere. Take the right street and you will find yourself in a brilliantly colored street market, a wide range of foods, fruits and item available. Throw your destination out the window and just wonder around La Condesa, you will wish you had more days.

Nighttime: Rooftop Bar

Nighttime in La Condesa is a time to celebrate. Whether you want to dance or just relax, this neighborhood has something for everyone. I decided for a more calm evening and stumbled upon a roof top bar called Condesa DF.
In Los Angeles I would expect a night of drinks at a fancy hotel rooftop bar to easily cost around $60-70. So when my bill came for $20, I knew I would be going out every night I was here.

Fun Artwork in the La Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City
Food Suggestions

Try una torta, a soft sandwich filled with whatever you like. Also make sure to get fresh squeezed orange juice. You won’t find sweeter fruits than Mexico and it will cost you less than a dollar.


La Condesa is full of Hipster Coffee shops


Morning: Fancy Coffee

Coffee Coffee Coffee! I can’t like that getting a delicious cappuccino is high up on my list of life’s great pleasures. So you can naturally understand my excitement when I discovered La Condesa is absolutely covered with hipster coffee shops. I could have stayed in Mexico City for a month and still not tried all of them.

Map of Hip Coffee Shops in La Condesa

Afternoon: Bike to a marketplace

Once you have had enough of walking, why not rent a bike to get around. Mexico City offers the EcoBici service which provides riders the first 45 minutes for free. If you are smart about your timing, you can ride all over Mexico City without paying a single penny.

La Condesa has free and easy public transportation
Food Suggestions

La Condesa has hundreds of restaurants, from fancy to small hole in the wall joints. For the adventurous of you, street food is as delicious as it is dangerous. I decided to risk it and I came through un-scathed!

I hope you have a wonderful time when you visit La Condesa. I believe it is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Mexico City. We’d love to hear about your own experiences and recommendations in the comments below!

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  1. hi guys, don’t forget to try some “Tacos”, they are incredible delicious, specially “Al pastor Tacos”, you’ll find lot’s of places which sell this snack or food, I don’t know what’s exactly, but you will enjoy it that’s for sure… have a nice time in this wonderful contry.

  2. Hidden gem?


    Everybody knows about La Condesa – it’s literally one of the most famous and popular barrios in all of CDMX.

    So no, it’s not “hidden” at all.

    How much does this site pay Google to land on the front page of Google News?

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