Ikrema mattress review

The Ikrema Mattress is relatively new to the mattress-in-a-box scene. They have created a great bed for a competitive price. They hope their lucrative costs will pull more customers towards their bed. Read our Ikrema mattress review to learn more about this bed.

Sleeping On The Ikrema Mattress

A soft bed that firms up a little over time

The Ikrema is a softer mattress getting a score of 4 out of 10 in the firmness rating (10 being the firmest). While being one of the softer beds we have researched, it isn’t overly soft. We have found that sleepers tend to sink into this bed and get a cozy feeling.

The Ikrema mattress has 6″ of high-density support foam. The durable material supports the sleeper beneath the two softer memory foam layers. Side sleeping customers would do better on this mattress than a firmer one. It will allow their hips to sink, while still providing a good amount of support for their spine.

Slip into comfort

The Ikrema has a sinkage of 3 inches. This depth is not bad for a softer bed. Sleepers should get the softness and cloud-like feel, without the drowning feeling.

The other benefit of such a soft surface is the lack of horizontal movement. Sleepers should can toss and turn without waking their partner. The negative of such a soft top is the lack of response. It requires more energy to move around on the iKrema Mattress.

Ikrema sleeps cool

The Ikrema’s top layer is a cool memory foam designed to wick heat away from the sleepers. They also have a breathable top fabric to aid in cooling. With a softer mattress like Ikrema, it is important to keep the sleeper cool.

We haven’t heard any customer complaints or critiques about off-gassing with the Ikrema mattress. Most beds tend to have a little bit of a small, but it dissipates fairly quickly. The Ikrema is Certipur-US approved, so there is no worry about cancer causing chemicals.

Ikrema Mattress Coupon Codes

Pros & Cons


  • A soft mattress that hugs and snuggles the sleeper
  • Average priced mattress
  • Perfect for hotter climates because it sleeps so cool
  • Very little horizontal motion transfer, so sleepers won’t disrupt their partners
  • up to $250 discount available to new customers


  • Soft top lacks the responsiveness of latex or spring mattresses
  • Slight amount of Off-Gassing

We recommend this bed to sleepers who:

  • Want a soft bed
    The Ikrema Mattress is a very soft bed. Sleepers will fall into it and have the mattress hug their body.
  • Move around a lot during the night and disturb their partner
    There is very little motion transfer with the ikrema Mattress. Sleepers should be able to toss and turn without disrupting their neighbor.
  • Want a cool sleeping experience
    Ikrema uses a Cool Memory layer along with a breathable premium fabric to keep the sleeper cool.

Ikrema Promo Codes

There are Ikrema Mattress Promo Codes. New customers can get up to $250 off their Max Comfort Mattress. Or get $50 off a Superior Mattress. To use the discount, customers need to click the link below

Mattress Construction

Keep reading our Ikrema mattress review as we break down the bed into its individual parts. Learn how the different layers of the Ikrema keep you comfortable and fresh.

  • Mattress cover

    A machine washable fabric designed in Belgium, but made in the USA. The highly porous material allows heat to disperse from the sleeper.

  • Top layer

    2″ of Cooling Memory Foam designed to comfort and cool.

  • Middle Layer

    2″ of Tex Memory foam gives a blend of comfort and firmness.

  • Bottom Layer

    7″ of High-density foam provides the support needed for a great sleep.

We break down this bed in our Ikrema Mattress Review

Mattress Cost

Ikrema sells two different mattresses to their customers. They have the iKrema SuperPedic Memory Foam Mattress and the iKrema MaxComfortPedic Memory Foam Mattress. The two beds are about $400 dollars in price difference. Let us know what you thought about the price in our ikrema mattress review comments section.











Mattress Customer Support and warranty:




iKrema Mattress Review Summary

The Ikrema is a softer bed than most of its competitors. It is perfect for side or back sleepers. The two memory foam layers blend to give a pressure free sleep. Head over to their website and see why the iKrema bed is getting so much praise from its customers. They offer a 101-night risk-free trial so users can buy stress free.





Risk-Free Trial Period

101 Night

Get Up To $250 Off Your IKrema

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