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The Hyphen mattress wants you to sleep on their bed. Hyphen is an offshoot of Diamond mattress, one of the bigger names in the industry. They hope the Hyphen mattress is their break into the Mattress-in-a-box industry. Find out how they did in our Hyphen Mattress Review.

Read our Hyphen mattress review to find out if it is right for you.

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Hyphen Mattress Rating


Hyphen Mattress Review.

Mattress firmness and support

The Hyphen is a 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale (10 is the firmest). Customers like how the mattress hugs and contours their body. The mattress allows the sleeper to sink in a little, while still feeling supported.

They Hyphen does a great job balancing the pressure along the sleepers entire body. We haven’t found any complaints of pressure or sore joints from sleepers.

The Hyphen surprised us with the amount of support it supplied. Most foam mattresses tend to offer a soft sleep but lack a good support. The Hyphen not only has good support, but it gave a great bounce. There was little motion transfer, yet it gave a surprising high response.

The Hyphen is great for couples looking for a comfortable mattress that is also great for sex.


The Hyphen has a recorded sinkage of 2” when laying in the center of the mattress. This allows the sleeper to sink comfortably without any hard pressure points. Even with a sinkage of 2”, the Hyphen still had a good amount of bounce.

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COOLNESS and off-gassing

The Hyphen mattress does a great job keeping the sleeper cool. The top layer pulls the heat away from the body. This mattress is ideal for couples living in hot locations.

Customers haven’t notice any substantial off gassing when opening the box. There was a slight smell of rubber, but that was gone in moments. Customers can sleep on the mattress without having to air it out for too long.


We were excited to learn what was going on inside of the Hyphen mattress. The 10” mattress breaks down into 3 separate layers. They all work together to give the sleeper the best rest possible.

We take apart the Hyphen mattress to see what is inside!
  • Mattress cover

    The cover is a mixture of polyester and spandex. This gives a strong cover that can stretch. Hyphen doesn’t recommend machine wash.

  • Top layer

    This is where the cooling magic happens. This layer is 2” of special Hyphen poly foam designed to suck the heat away from the sleeper. It also gives the soft, comfortable feel when you first lay on the mattress.

  • Middle Layer

    This 2” unique layer is a blend of poly foams. This allows a gradual increase in firmness for the sleeper.

  • Bottom Layer:

    A 6” high-density support foam serves as the base of the mattress. This layer provides the real body support for the sleeper.














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Mattress Customer Support and warranty:

Read our Hyphen Mattress Review to see if it is the best bed.


Hyphen offers its customers a $50 Hyphen promo code. They are confident once you try the mattress you will be hooked. They are so confident they also offer a 100 night trial period. If you don’t like the mattress any time during that period, send it back free of charge. Use our Hyphen Promo code now before it disappears.

Hyphen Mattress Review SUMMARY:

The Hyphen mattress does a great job balancing softness with support. We would recommend this mattress to any couples who have different sleeping habits. The Hyphen lands solidly in the middle, great for firm or soft sleepers.

Give the Hyphen Mattress a try, you can return it anytime you like for the first 100 nights. While you are at it, click HERE to use our Hyphen Mattress Promo code and get $50 off! We hope you enjoyed our Hyphen Mattress Review.

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