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eLuxury Mattress Review

Mattress shopping has changed. You no longer need to walk into an oversized space with blazing bright lights to chat awkwardly with the salesperson and lay down on a bunch of mattresses with your shoes on. Nothing feels stranger than that. So let’s be grateful and enjoy the mattress revolution.

10” eLuxury Mattress Review

Not all bodies and sleep types are the same and there are many different mattresses out there to fill those needs. While some companies will try to customize every mattress to fit the customer, eLuxury’s mattress falls into more of a “one size fits most” approach.

The composition of this mattress is 3 inches of eLux Gel Memory Foam over 7 inches of High-Density Support Foam for a total thickness of 10 inches. The top gel layer is designed to allow the mattress to breathe so you stay cool and comfortable, while the support foam layer is designed to adjust to the shape of your body to relieve pressure points and properly align your spine. Let’s see how those layers stack up.

How The Matsleep How The eLuxury Bed Sleeps


This mattress is medium firm at 5 to 6 out of 10 (10 being the firmest). It is not super plush or pillowy, yet it has a comforting softness when you first sit or lay down. After that initial softness, you will feel the support of the base foam. We tested this mattress on a flat platform frame (non-slated).


I found that the base layer does seem to give slightly during the course of the night. I transition quite a bit and had no issues side or stomach sleeping, but in a couple instances when I woke up on my back I had some lower back pain. However, my partner who is a back and side sleeper did not have the same issue. Given that, it seems this mattress is best suited to side and stomach sleepers, while on the cusp of being good for back sleepers.


The responsiveness of this mattress seems pretty average for a foam mattress. It comes back fairly quickly and allows for transitions between sleep styles throughout the night without having much impact on a partner and vice versa. This is my favorite aspect of this mattress because we’ve had much more restful sleep on this mattress compared to our traditional spring mattress. If you’re like us and making the switch to foam, you’re going to notice that it takes more effort to move around because you’re not getting that help from the springs.


My partner is generally a hot sleeper, so I was concerned a foam type mattress would be too hot for him. That has not been the case. It’s not cool either, but the gel layer seems to maintain a comfortable temperature.


Upon opening the box and mattress there is a slight smell. This didn’t surprise me because most foam off-gasses. What did surprise me was how quickly it dissipated after the mattress was opened and left to air out in the room. There was no smell past the first 12 or so hours. I assume that this has to do with the CertiPUR-US certification and low VOC content.

Check out Topdown’s youtube review of the Matsleep Mattress.

Extra eLuxury Mattress Info

Cal King- $800
Kings – $780
Queen – $680
Full – $605
Twin XL – $505
Twin – $490

Get $60 Off With Our ELuxury Coupon

Get $60 Off With Our ELuxury Coupon


  • Can be used with most bed frame types (this review is based on a platform bed frame)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Free shipping to the Contiguous USA
  • 120 day trial period with free return
  • 1 in 45 mattresses sold are donated to charity
  • 10-year full coverage warranty


  • Slight smell in the beginning
  • Having to deal with disposing or re-use of the old mattress
  • Environmental impact of foam in the future – Where will all these foam mattresses end up when we’re done with them?

eLuxury Mattress Review Summary

Rating: 9.3

This eLuxury 10” mattress has improved my quality of sleep. The general quality of materials is nice and overall I was impressed by this mattress. The medium firmness with a good amount of support and responsiveness allows for a variety of sleep styles and transitions throughout the night while having minimal impact on a partner. It seems like this is be a comfortable mattress for a variety of sleep types, although probably best suited for side and back sleepers.

Check out the eLuxury Mattress for yourself.

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