Exploring Denver: This City Has A Lot To Offer

Living In Denver

Now is the time to move to Denver. This small city is growing rapidly, but there are still opportunities to get in now. Discover some reasons why Denver should be your next home!


Stowaway Kitchen

Denver has a rapidly growing food scene that rivals any large city. From food trucks to Michelin star restaurants, Denver has the food you are looking for.

One up and coming comfort food restaurant to check out is Bird. Expand your palate and waist line with their delicious comfort meals. If you are looking for something a bit healthier, check out the Stowaway Kitchen in RiNo. Hands down one of the best meals in Denver.

One of the best food trucks I tried was Barbed Wire Reef. They serve all the animals (including kangaroo).



Everyone always assumes Denverites head to the mountains for exercise. What you don’t see are the hundreds of parks and biking lanes. There is a beautiful bike path that travels north through the middle of the city. 

Denver also is flush with indoor climbing gyms. If you haven’t tried one of these gyms, I cant  exaggerate how good a workout it is. I recommend checking out Ubergrippen, a great indoor climbing gym.

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First Draft

Honestly, drinking should have been the first on the list. Denver is a huge beer town, with a brewery on almost every corner. Denverites know how to drink and they do it well. 

First Draft is a small bar in Rino that allows customers to try small sips of tons of different beers and wines. I tried 15 different beers last time I visited First Draft. 

Want to mix drinking and exercise? Why not try out Ace Eat Serve. This asian infused ping pong hall has food and sake. Exercise never tasted so good!


Board Game Republic

Denver is so packed full of things to do I would never be able to list them all here. Some notable experiences was ordering pizza from Pizza Alley and then heading to the Board Game Republic for a night full of board games! Don’t judge too quickly, Board Game Republic is a night full of fun!

Whichever adventure you find best for you, good luck and happy adventuring!

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