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Brooklyn bedding has been in the mattress game for a long time. They have a lot of confidence in the Brooklyn bedding mattress. So much so, they label it #BestMattressEver. Lets see if it really is the best mattress ever in our Brooklyn Bedding reviews.

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Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Overall Score


Brooklyn Bedding reviews

Mattress Firmness and support

Brooklyn Bedding sells 3 different firmness levels. We focused on the medium firmness for our Brooklyn Bedding Reviews. The medium mattress has a firmness rating of 6 out of 10(10 being the firmest). If you are looking for the fimness of the soft and firm mattresses, the Brooklyn Bedding Soft mattress has a 4/10 while the firmer bed received an 8/10.

The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress is unique in its construction. It’s constructed of 4″ of latex and no memory foam. This is the first mattress we have seen that uses no memory foam. The result is a bed that has a bouncy, firm feel. The only bed that has more bounce, would be an original spring mattress.

Customers are surprisingly comfortable on this bed with 4″ of latex. Brooklyn bedding uses a Talalay latex for the first 2″ of the mattress. This material gives the bouncy firm surface, while still providing comfort. The Brooklyn Bedding mattress would be ideal for more sexual couples.


The Brooklyn Bedding mattress is average in mattress sinkage tests. There is an average 2″ of sinkage when laying in the middle. We expected less sinkage since the first 4″ are latex. Latex is a harder material and gives less give.

The mattress does provide great support. Customers were comfortable but we could find no reports of discomfort. The mattress cups the sleeper well.

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Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Coolness.

The Brooklyn mattress sleep cool. The 4 inches of latex absorb almost no heat. Customers should never experience any build up of heat. This mattress is ideal for hot and humid locations.

Off-Gassing and smell

There are no reports of a strong smell or off-gassing with the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress. Customers should be able to sleep on the mattress after it has risen to its full shape.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Construction

Brooklyn Bedding is one of the other mattress companies that builds and sells its own bedding. They can cut out the middle man and pass the saving onto the customer. They can also create higher quality mattresses for the same price. We looked inside the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress to see what makes it work so well.

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  • Mattress cover

    The cover is sewn from quilted cotton polyester. They also include a 3/4 inch poly foam into the cover that gives a pillow top feel. The cover is light and breathes well.

  • Top layer

    The top layer is 2″ Talalay latex. This layer provides the bounce and cooling we loved so much with this mattress.

  • Middle layer

    The middle layer is 2″ of Dunlap latex. The Dunlap is like the Talalay, but a little bit firmer. This layer gives the sleeper more of the support and comfort.

  • Bottom Layer

    The final layer is 6″ of high-density support foam. Brooklyn Bedding is able to get away with less support foam because they have 4″ of latex above.

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Mattress Customer Support and warranty:

We spoke with the Brooklyn Bedding customer support a few times. They were super nice and attentive each time. Customers can expect an enjoyable experience dealing with Brooklyn Bedding.

Is this the best mattress? Read our Brooklyn Bedding Reviews to find out.

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Brooklyn Bedding Reviews summary:

The Brooklyn Bedding is a great mattress. The four inches of latex provided just the right comfort and bounce. It was one of the cooler mattresses, absorbing almost no heat. Sleepers will find a nice blend of firmness and comfort with this mattress.

We recommend lighter sleepers try the soft mattress. Heavier sleepers might enjoy the firmer bed. We hope you enjoyed our Brooklyn Bedding reviews and promo codes. Remember that you have 120 days to return it at any time.

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  1. I was almost all set to pull the trigger on their #bestmattressever, but when I called to ask about the materials, and left messages on two separate occasions, they never called me back. The live chat rep I finally talked to then tried to mislead me, saying yes, the top talalay latex layer is “all natural materials.” When I clarified that that meant it’s 100% latex, she admitted that no, they use things like soy and ground seashells as filler. The bottom dunlop layer is more than half synthetic. Nowhere on the website is this specified, which I find misleading. So I posted a review to their website, because I think people deserve to know whether they’re sleeping on synthetic vs. natural latex, and quality of customer service is very important when spending this much money on a product you may need to return. THEY FILTERED MY REVIEW OUT. New 5-star reviews roll in every day, but the 2-star I wrote over a week ago is nowhere to be found. Emailed the manager asking what happened to my review, but (surprise surprise) I never heard back. Don’t trust this company – their “glowing” reviews aren’t accurate, and they are not transparent about materials used. I’ve just reported them to the BBB.

    1. Hello Amanda,

      I am sorry to hear about the trouble, this is the first time I have looked at this review site. Great job with the content by the way. But back to the topic on hand, I am sorry you felt misled, our mattress does contain Talalay latex material but we do not advertise it as 100% natural. My staff is trained to let our customers know that the material is blended with filler materials like sand, ground seashells, etc. The Dunlop latex on the other hand is 100% synthetic and does not contain fillers. The material is a blended urethane foam with properties of latex. All of the vendors continue to carry the certifications on the foam for Oeko-Tex Standard 100 to the CertiPure US Certification. I am sorry you were unable to get in touch with me as I do direct any information like this get relayed to me directly. To address the inability to contact us, I am not sure what that is about, I generally have staff here throughout the day from 7am – 5pm but most recently through 7pm Pacific time. If you had left a message our staff is very good at returning phone calls. However, I will be sure to address this with my staff. I understand this was written in January of this year, but as I said this is my first time on this site and I am happy to rectify this in any way that I am able to. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

      Brooklyn Bedding
      Sales Manager

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