These 7 iPhone Apps Will Make Your Next Trip A Breeze

Check out the 7 Best Trip Apps For Iphone

The 7 Best Trip Apps For iPhone

Traveling is not easy. Unless you are beyond rich and have a travel planner, moving around the world can be difficult. Transportation, accommodations, money, and communication are just a small amount of the issues you will face.

So it makes sense to find tools that make everything easier. Today those tools come in the form of apps for your phone. Join me as I show you my top 7 Best Travel Apps for the iPhone.



1. Uber (Get App)

You would be hard pressed to find someone who has never heard of Uber. The massive ride-sharing service has spread across the world and is available in almost every major city you could visit. If you ever find yourself lost in a big city, there is a good chance Uber can come to the rescue.

If by some chance you have never used Uber before, our link will provide you with a free first ride. If you are traveling around the states, I suggest looking into Lyft. Their drivers tend to be friendlier and new users can get $50 of credit with promo code (good50).



2. AirBnb (Get App)

Stop paying so much for ugly hotel rooms. Seriously, just stop doing it. Airbnb has some of the nicest lodgings in the best locations across the world. Every house is put through a background check and then rated by your peers on the app. Some of the best nights of my trips come from staying at a magical house on Airbnb. To top it off, you will pay a fraction of what a hotel would cost. (If you are going to use a hotel, at least get a discount with Hotel Tonight.)

If you want a real adventure, why not try Couch Surfing? It’s similar to airbnb, but without the background checks. Some people may say it is more risky, but I have never had any issues when I used it.



3. Trip Splitter (Get App)

I recently came across this app and it helped my last trip so much I had to list it here. I often travel with friends and the biggest difficulty I face is figuring out who owes what at the end. If this sounds like a problem you have had, then I would love to introduce you to Trip Splitter. It is a simple app that helps add expenses and split them easily. I will never travel with friends without Trip Splitter again.

I recommend getting the Paypal, Cash, or Venmo apps as well. Any of those apps will safely connect to your bank account and let you pay your friends with a single click. Skip the bank lines and send your cash digitally to your friends.



4. WhatsApp (Get App)

Being able to communicate while you are traveling is essential. Travel cell plans can often be expensive and more frustrating than they are worth. WhatsApp is a messenger service used the world over. If you need a way to stay in contact on wifi, use the free WhatsApp service.



5. Goldstar (Get App)

The Goldstar app is only good for travel inside of the US. Customers will find the latest events for half price. Head to Goldstar to see what is happening in the city you are visiting.

Another similar app is TodayTix, but it has a smaller selection (Use Today Tix Coupon XUYKJ for $10 Off). I always make sure to check out both apps early as events tend to sell out quickly at half price.

Looking for immersive theater? Check out Topdown’s extensive immersive theater section.



6. Hopper (Get App)

I originally used Kayak or Google for flights until I discovered Hopper. Enter the days you want to fly and Hopper will let you know the right time to buy for the best deal. This app just saved me a lot of money by telling me wait a week to buy my tickets. I am not sure how it works, but it will save you money.



7. Skurt (Get App)

Skurt is car rental with a little bit of Uber mixed in. Traditional car rental services make customers wait in long lines to get their vehicle. Skurt delivers the car to you, letting you skip the line. There is a initial delivery fee, but I found that their lower prices end up covering that extra expense. And who really wants to wait in a long line when the beach is calling after a 14 hour flight?


Summary: The 7 Best Trip Apps For iPhone

Travel is only hard if you let it be. I have found that each consecutive trip is becoming easier and easier. Until you are rich enough to afford a travel planner, make sure to use my 7 best trip apps iPhone. If you know of any apps I missed that were essential for you make sure to let me know by commenting on this page.

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