Bear Mattress Hybrid Review

Bear Hybrid Mattress Review

I had been sleeping on the same old mattress for eight years and because it was so old and uncomfortable, I had a very soft memory foam pad that rested on top. I was scared to get rid of my old mattress because my body just sunk into it, it was my cuddle buddy. I never expected my restless nights to disappear so quickly after switching to the Bear Hybrid Mattress.

Bear Hybrid Mattress  Review

The Bear Mattress site recommended two people to set up the mattress, but I found it to be pretty easy to set up on my own. Even with a second pair of hands, it’s a one person job to pull it out of the box. If you’re a healthy semi-inshape person, you’ll be just fine setting it up on your own. The moment the plastic was completely unrolled, the mattress started to inflate and I had to act fast to get it on on bed before it sprawled out on the floor. There is no instruction manual because you don’t need one, but you do need to act fast and be ready for it to be ready to use in under a minute.

When I took my first belly flop onto the Bear Mattress Hybrid I was expecting a bounce because it has coils, but there was no bounce, no movement whatsoever. If there was an earthquake, I don’t think I’d feel it on this mattress. I also expected my body to sink in like my old soft mattress and because the website says it feels like you are laying on a cloud, but there was no sinking and it doesn’t really feel like a cloud. I found myself trying to decide if I should bring my old mattress back in from the streets. This bed felt too firm and I realized I’ve only ever slept on a soft mattress.

I’ve been sleeping on the Bear Mattress for a week now and after my first night I was sold. It’s not a mattress that you sit and cuddle with someone on, it’s a mattress to sleep on and sleep really well on. All my life I’ve tossed and turned and overheated and I had no idea it was because of my mattress. Since sleeping on the Bear Mattress, I have no memory of waking up or turning or taking off my blankets. I’ve had one week of complete perfect normal human sleep and I’m so impressed. I have restless leg syndrome, so often I do move around, but I also think it’s because I’m trying to find a comfortable position. Every position on the Bear Hybrid feels like I’m meant to lay that way.

My only complaint is the edge and corner support. I’m 135 pounds and when I sit on the edge of the mattress the edges sink and I start to slide off. Often at night my tiny dog wants on and off the bed. When I roll to the edge to let her off, the mattress sinks a fair bit. It doesn’t sink to the point where I’d fall, but it does sink. I’m not sure what that means for couples sleeping on this bed because that was not how I tested it.

In my opinion the bed is firm. It doesn’t feel like a bed or a couch that I want to sit on and watch movies, but it definitely feels like a bed I want to sleep in. I think if you’re an athlete with tight muscles, this is your perfect mattress. It supports your entire body in the most comfortable way. My days of sluggishly getting out of bed are over, now I hop out of bed ready to face the day.

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Mattress Construction

The build of the Bear Mattress Hybrid is interesting. It has a cover you can unzip, but not take off to wash, which I think defeats the purpose of the zipper. It has 4 layers of foam, three of which are glued together and the fourth just sits freely on top like a the mattress pad I already had. The foam had some sharpie handwriting on it and maybe it’s just me, but presentation is everything. I recommend they get rid of the zipper.

Bear-Hybrid Mattress Construction

Mattress Top: Quilted Celliant®

A padded top layer that adds a small amount of softness.

Top layer: Adaptive Foam

Gives the needed balance for the firmer coils beneath.

Second layer: Cooling Gel Memory Foam

This cooling layer did a fantastic job. Even in a hot climate this mattress will stay cool.

Third layer: Supportive Springs

This layer does a great job providing support that made my sleep amazing.

Fourth layer: High Density Foam

The high density foam provides the foundation for this bed.

Who it’s for:

  • Athletes

  • Restless sleepers who toss and turn

  • People who like weight of blankets, but overheat easily

  • Single people

  • Bears

Who it’s not for:

  • People who use their bed as their couch

  • Someone who wants to sink into a mattress

Bear Hybrid Mattress

Level of Firmness:

The Bear Mattress website says the level of firmness is a 6, I’d say it’s more of a 6.5, and to my surprise as a soft bed user, I’ve never slept better.


Like a new car, it had a very light plastic smell for a few hours, but totally disappeared and wasn’t bothersome at all.


  • The best feature is the cooling technology. If you are someone that works out a lot and overheats, this is the mattress for you.

  • It’s Comfortable in any position you turn.

  • No transfer of movement.

  • Incredible nights sleep, honestly I have just stopped tossing and turning.


  • The center of the bear Mattress Hybrid is the sweet-spot. There is no even support distribution for weight on the edges and corners. I am 135 pounds and the corners sink the closer I get to them.

  • It’s not a mattress you sink into, but rather lay completely on top of.

Bear Hybrid Mattress Review Summary

Rating 9.6 | Final Thoughts

I normally use soft beds, but I am glad I tested this mattress. I have been sleeping better than before, and waking up rested. The quality is fantastic and it feels like a mattress that will last many years. My only real complaint is the  weak edges. Though luckily that doesn’t really affect my sleep on the Bear Hybrid mattress.

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