VNYL review

VNYL is a vinyl record subscription service. They send 1-3 records a month that are tailored to the customer’s tastes. We decided to try the Vnyl Solo (1 record a month).  We wanted to compare it Vnyl to Vinyl me, Please ( a similar idea). Read our VNYL review to find out everything about the service.

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Our Vnyl Review talks about receiving Vinyl records in the mail each month/

VNYL Solo comes with:

Vinyl Records


 Monthly Price


VNYL review

Vinyl records

Vinyl Records are making a comeback in a big way. Thousands of record lovers sign up for these subscription services every day. A good number of them are starting to give VNYL a closer look. If you look at the service, its not hard to see why.

VNYL user profiles

The toughest part of any subscription is pleasing a wide range of customers. VNYL accomplishes this by having the customer fill out a long profile when they first sign up. Users write their likes and dislikes with different artists and songs. Customers can also connect Spotify or Sound Cloud to further help narrow down the style.


Users are then asked to choose a #VIBE or activity for the music. Users can choose between party music, studying ect. This is a lot of information up front, but it is important for VNYL. They want to ensure they send you the best possible records.

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Vnyl curated Record subscription wants to send you music. Find out more with our Vnyl review.

Can it be this good?

VNYL takes all this information and gives it to a personal curator just for you. VNYL almost sounds too good to be true. 3 records each month, each personally curated, and all for only $36 a month? (Make that $26 if you use our VNYL promo code here). It sounded too good to be true!

VNYL vs Vinyl me, Please.

Both of these Vinyl subscriptions are great. VNYL caters to a crowd that knows what music they want. It sound be a great Gift for a record collector who has a specific style.

Vinyl Me, Please is more geared towards the casual listener. They provide a more varied experience each month. Vinyl me please only sends one record a month. They also include custom artwork and speciality cocktail recipes. Vinyl me, Please is targeting the more social record listener.

The VNYL store

VNYL takes it a step further by offering store access to their members. Buy your own selection of vinyl records at a good discount. Then have them delivered with your next regular subscription shipment for free. We spent a good amount of time during our vnyl review just searching through the options.

VNYL subscription service comes with:

  • Hand-Curated Vinyl Records

    Get music geared towards your personal tastes.

  • Private Store access

    Find the latest records at the best deals.

  • Great customer service

    Don’t like a record, let them know and they will adjust your listening preferences.

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How much does VNYL Cost?




1 year



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Vnyl understands the power of word of mouth. This is why they offer VNYL promo codes for customers to share. When you sign up, use our VNYL coupon HAPPY10 and get $10 off your order! If you enjoy the subscription make sure to tell your friends. VNYL is really fun to receive in the mail!

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Read our Vnyl review and find out if it is the best Vinyl record subscription service.

VNYL review summary

We loved this subscription! Getting hand-curated vinyl records in the mail each month is amazing. The curator did a great job matching our preferences to the #VIBE we selected. VNYL is a great gift idea for a friend or just yourself.

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VNYL record subscription Rating


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