Vinyl Moon Review

Vinyl Moon is yet another record subscription service. Similar to Vinyl Me Please and VNYL, they send customers a new vinyl each month. Vinyl Moon is unique because their monthly vinyl records are a compilation of numerous different artists. Read our Vinyl Moon review and sign up to get your “mix-vinyl.”

Read our Vinyl Moon Review to learn more about this Vinyl mixtape subscription service.

Vinyl Moon comes with:

Vinyl Records


Unique artists

different bands

Custom Artwork


 Monthly Price


Vinyl Moon Overall Score


Vinyl Moon Review

A unique aspect of Vinyl moon is the fact that each Vinyl has multiple artists. Other Subscriptions like VNYL and Vinyl me, Please send an individual artist each month. Vinyl Moon releases a vinyl that has a ton of unique artists.

What comes with Vinyl Moon record subscription?

Vinyl Moon comes with a slew of sweet goodies. Each month subscribers can expect a uniquely pressed beautiful colored vinyl. Each Vinyl has a mix of songs from 10 new artists. Also included are premium record jackets designed by individual artists. Even cooler is VIP access to monthly Vinyl Parties in different cities!

  • Exclusive Vinyl Mix Records

    Limited run mix-tape records featuring 10 unique artists.

  • Original art

    Premium record jackets designed by some of the best artist in the industry.

  • VIP party experience

    Invites to some of the coolest parties in cities all over the US

How much does Vinyl Moon Cost?

Vinyl Moon can ship to US, Canada and internationally. They have a reasonable price for a uniquely pressed record with ten individual artists. Make sure to check out our Vinyl Moon Promo Codes to see if there are any discounts.

Vinyl Moon Price



Per Month

3 Month Most Popular!


Per Month

6 month


Per Month

12 month


Per Month

Vinyl Moon Caught your interest?

Get 10 new artists each month.

Our Vinyl moon review examines this new Vinyl Subscription Service.

Vinyl Moon Promo Codes

We work hard to have the best discounts for our readers. We are working with VM to provide you with Vinyl Moon promo codes. It is a new service, so there is hope for a discount in the future.

Vinyl Moon Review Summary

Vinyl Moon is the mix-tape, vinyl record subscription we have been waiting for. They create the coolest blends of musicians into one beautiful, unique vinyl. We love the concept of Vinyl Moon and know you will too.

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