Vinyl Me Please January 2017 Review

Vinyl Me Please January 2017 Review

This month’s Vinyl Me Please was Panda Bear’s Person Pitch. This album was one of the stranger styles of music VMP puts out. The artist, Noah Lennox, has drawn from a broad source of different artists to create the Panda Bear record. Read our Vinyl Me Please January 2017 review to find out if this Vinyl service is for you.u.

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Vinyl Me Please January 2017 Review

While we have loved other months, this month of VMP wasn’t our favorite. Noah Lennox does have some interesting music, but it wasn’t our style. The good thing is that one of our friends loved this months record. This way we can at least give it away as a gift.

As always the record comes with a custom artwork that created by Mi Ju. It was a beautiful artwork, and one we might consider putting on our wall. It also comes with a Cocktail that is paired with the music. This months drink was called Person Pitch + Search for Delicious and included Bourbon, coffee, and sweet vermouth. Yum!

Vinyl Me Please January 2017 Review Verdict: Not our Favorite

We gave it an 8.7 out of 10. This review is based solely off our preference as we know tons of people who have loved it. If you are floating, harmonic melodies then the Panda Bear Person Pitch might be for you.

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