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Used Cardboard Boxes Review claims to provide “quality” used cardboard boxes for the purposes of moving and storage. They make a good case for why it is important to pull boxes that could be recycled too soon, thus wasting the energy it takes to recycle boxes that could have just been used again. If you’ve ever moved, even once, you know it can be difficult to track down decent boxes, and often times you have to go out and buy brand new boxes. I was intrigued by what Used Cardboard Boxes had to offer, so I tried them out during my last move.

Used Cardboard Boxes Review

Used Cardboard Boxes offers tons of options for buying “kits” based on the number of cardboard boxes you need. I was able to browse through the huge selection of kits that all come with a lot of boxes in a number of sizes, plus there are accessories such as packing tape, packing paper, and even markers for writing on the boxes, plus box cutters. Kit prices range from $38USD for the smallest package up to $427USD for the largest package offered by the company.

The company also offers all of the moving supplies you could imagine: bubble wrap, tape, packing paper, and more. It’s all well priced and the website is easy to navigate.

The UsedCardBoardBoxes Services

It was a bit overwhelming to try to figure out what box kit I needed. I was living in a 3 bedroom house with 1 bathroom, a laundry space, and a large storage closet which we used for holiday decorations and seasonal clothes. I have two small children who have lots of stuff so when I compared the prices and products I bounced back and forth between the 3 bedroom/office kit and the 4 bedroom/office kit.

Used Cardboard Boxes products

The price for the 3 bedroom kit was $161USD and included:

  • 36 Medium Boxes (approx 1.5-2.49 cubic feet)
  • 20 Large Boxes (approx 2.50-3.59 cubic feet)
  • 8 X-Large Boxes (3.6+ cubic feet)
  • 5 Rolls Packing Tape (2 inch x 55 yards)
  • 1 Heavy Duty, Side Load Tape Dispenser
  • 12 Pounds of Packing Paper
    (approx 200 sheets of 36 x 24 inches)
  • 3 Permanent Markers
  • 3 Retractable Blade Box Cutters
  • Free shipping

And the 4 bedroom kit was $199USD and included:

  • 45 Medium Boxes (approx 1.5-2.49 cubic feet)
  • 25 Large Boxes (approx
  • 2.50-3.59 cubic feet)
  • 10 X-Large Boxes (3.6+ cubic feet)
  • 6 Rolls Packing Tape (2 inch x 55 yards)
  • 1 Heavy Duty, Side Load Tape Dispenser
  • 15 Pounds of Packing Paper
    (approx 250 sheets of 36 x 24 inches)
  • 4 Permanent Markers
  • 4 Retractable Blade Box Cutters
  • Free shipping

Both kits offered free shipping – in fact, all of the products are shipped nationwide within 1-2 days of placing your order online. I liked the price of both but for only $30USD more I got 16 more boxes, more tape and paper. I didn’t want to come up short when I was packing so I opted for the larger 4 bedroom/office kit.

My Experience Using Used Cardboard Boxes

I ordered my kit and it arrived by UPS courier 2 days later. I was actually impressed with the quality of the used cardboard boxes. I mean, it was hard to tell they weren’t new. The only reason I knew they were used was because there were a number of brands and markings on the boxes that signified they came from different sources.

Good for this company for figuring out how to reuse something so simple, such as cardboard boxes. I would beg, borrow, and steal boxes if I had to when I’ve moved in the past, and Used Cardboard Boxes makes it easy to just point and click and get started with your packing right away.

I appreciated that they delivered the boxes right to my door. It’s a pain to have to track down boxes and haul them around in your vehicle. What I especially liked was the consistency in the sizes of the boxes. Sometimes, collecting boxes means you have 100 random boxes, but these boxes came in 3 distinct sizes that were a good size for many household items.

I did have a few boxes leftover when I was done packing up my belongings, so I was glad I opted for the larger kit, but I probably could have gotten away with the 3 bedroom/office kit, as they suggested. Having more boxes toward the end just meant I could be more liberal with my packing.

Used Cardboard Boxes Review Summary

Rating 9.5

I think the best part of the whole experience was that I didn’t have to start searching for boxes weeks or months before my move. I ordered my kit and it showed up when the company said it would. It was very simple. And the price was right on. The uniformity of the boxes made it easy to stack them until we were ready to load up the moving truck, and having the packing tape and paper delivered with the boxes made it even easier. I didn’t have to stop what I was doing and run out to the store to buy tape.

Overall, I would say this company has hit a homerun. They have anticipated the difficult parts of packing up to move and made it easy for me to have everything in one place when I was ready to start packing.

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