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Price: $99/hour

On Demand, In-home massage app
Discount: $30 Off First Massage with code ACUWU

Soothe Review: Massage App

Anything and everything has an on-demand version these days, and massages are no different. There are currently 2 major on-demand massage apps competing for your business. These two companies, Soothe and Zeel, are the leading at-home massage apps out there. In this review, I am going to walk you through the Soothe App.

The Rise of the Soothe On Call Masseuse 

The soothe service couldn’t be easier to use. New customers first need to download the Soothe App on their android or iPhone. You will need to create an account, entering your information such as address, billing ect. At this point, the simplicity of the Soothe App takes over. The app makes booking a massage easy and I couldn’t find any real issues that could cause any confusion. I was able to sign up for a new account and then book a massage in under 5 minutes.

Soothe Massage App 2017


What Happens After Booking a Soothe Massage?

I have found that the masseuses show up about 10-15 minutes early to setup their table. Soothe therapists bring their own table and sheets (you need to request sheets on the Zeel app). All you as the customer need to do is find a space big enough for their massage table.

I have had over 10 different masseuses and found each one knowledgeable and nice. Seriously, Soothe does a great job finding good therapists. Once the masseuse understands what I am looking for with the massage, I hop onto the table and they go to work. They do a great job, but make sure to be clear and communicative during the massage. I know too many people afraid to ask for less/more pressure.

Do I Have To Tip My Massuse?

No tip is necessary for your therapist. Your card is charged through the app so you can put away your wallet and just enjoy your massage.

Massage No No – Soothe App Happy Ending

Soothe hires some of the best masseuses in the industry. Don’t demean them by asking them to touch your junk. There are tons of sketchy massage parlors in the strip malls that provide happy endings for much cheaper.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a sensual massage with a soothe therapist. Skip the deep tissue massage and go with a Swedish massage. You can put on your own music and relax as the masseuse massages your body with long smooth strokes. It may not be your Soothe App Happy Ending, but it can be a very enjoyable experience anyways.

Soothe Zeel

Soothe and Zeel are the two front runners when it comes to the on-demand massage industry. The Soothe Zeel competition has been going on from the very beginning. Soothe began big on the West Coast, while Zeel began on the East coast. They are very similar with prices and services, only different with a few different specifics. Zeel doesn’t require their masseuses to carry sheets so sometimes customers have to provide their own. Zeel does have an option for customers who love massages to get their own table.


  • Soothe Therapists bring their own table and sheets.
  • Can relax after the massage instead of driving home from the spa.
  • Only $25-$30 more than you would expect to pay at the spa.
  • Clear and easy to use app
  • New users can use the Soothe Discount Code ACUWU to get $30 off


  • You need a location big enough for a massage bed. (Might be hard in small apartments)
  • Can’t easily cancel a massage. (Have to call soothe support)
  • Can’t exclude a massuese you don’t want again. Can only rebook therapists that you did like.

Soothe Massage Details

  • price is $99/hour   |   $145/1.5hours   |   $185/2 hours
  • Can select female or male masseuse.
  • Cancel up to an hour before the massage.
  • Can book a couples massage for you and your partner.
  • Get a Soothe Massage at work.
  • Discount available for $30 Off with code ACUWU

My Soothe Review Summary

Rating: 9.4

If you are looking for a great massage in your house, Soothe is the App for you. Their prices are fair and their therapists really know their stuff. They bring their own table and sheets so all you need is enough space for them to setup. Once they are done you can relax in the comfort of your own home.

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