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20% off with the Rhythm Infused Seltzer Water Discount Code: HAPPY100

Get 10% off your DrinkRhythm order with the Rhythm Discount Code: HAPPY100.
Code: HAPPY100

Button above takes you to the Drink Rhythm shop landing page. Add items to your cart and enter the Drink Rhythm Discount code HAPPY100 at checkout.

About DrinkRhythm.com

Currently Rhythm makes two types of infused seltzer drinks— Rhythm Dream and Rhythm Awake. Rhythm Dream is for a good nights sleep, and has a flavor of Blackberry Lavender.  Rhythm Awake helps you have clean, calm energy throughout the day, and is flavored like Grapefruit Rosemary.

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20% Rhythm Discount Code: HAPPY100, save 20% on CBD Seltzer Water drinks

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