MysteryVibe Crescendo Review

We are taking a walk on the naughtier side of life with our latest product review. We got a chance to try out the Crescendo vibrator made by MysteryVibe. The Crescendo offers the next level of pleasure, with a wide variety of options for every different user.

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MysteryVibe Crescendo Review

Note: TopDown Reviews received a free Crescendo, but the opinions in this article are all our own.

The Crescendo really is an entirely new breed of toy. I mean, it's a fully bendable vibrator. Each portion of the device (each "knuckle") has it's own vibrating motor.

The device can then be hooked up to a mobile app (or used solo) to program the pattern and strength of the vibrations.

The Package

Let me start by saying, receiving a Crescendo in the mail does not feel like a sordid experience. Receiving a Crescendo in the mail is more of a luxury experience. It starts off in a really nondescript brown box, which is nice if you are concerned about being discrete. But once you open it, it is packaged like it's a high-end gift from an admirer (like a box of fancy chocolates). The Crescendo itself is housed in gorgeous black box, and inside it is nestled on a silky fabric.

The Material

The entire device has a solid rubbery texture. It's a pleasant color and aesthetic. It doesn't feel like anything like the intricate and somewhat frightening contraptions you might find in the furthest corner of the local adult store. The Crescendo, like the box it comes in, looks classy.

MysteryVibe Crescendo Unboxing

Comfort Level Using It

So—as you do with reviews—I gave it a whirl.

Now, first off—let me repeat again that I love love the way this thing looks. I think maybe it's because I'm more of a shy toy user. Other toys I've seen or tried make me feel a bit weird and uncomfortable. All their twizzly bits and scary nobs and sticky outty things. Too much for me.

The Crescendo is simple and "safe" to look at, while still offering a lot of options. If you're shy like me, you won't feel weird pulling it out of the drawer.

Setting it up with the App

I download the MysteryVibes app, and had about 5 minutes of confusion before I got things figured out. The app is actually very simple once you understand what you're looking at. It basically lets you set the patterns that can then be accessed on the Crescendo once you've put your phone away. I had originally assumed I'd need the phone out to change the patterns, but it's more a matter of picking your "library" and then uploading it via Bluetooth to your Crescendo.

The Vibration Experience

I used the Crescendo in a pretty traditional way. I'm a female, and used it solo. On the MysteryVibes website, they list a ton of more "exotic" positions and combinations for using the Crescendo, for both men and women and couples. So I can't comment on any of those (yet).

I tried a few different vibe patterns, but in the end just found I preferred the single solid vibration effect. I liked the concept of the patterns, but it just didn't really "do it" for me. I really like the way the Crescendo bent, and that I could program just portions of the device to keep the solid vibration.

In terms of the vibration pattern options, my guess is that they would be more stimulating when using the Crescendo in a more unique way than I did.

Overall Review

Despite not making the most of all their vibration patterns, I really like the Crescendo.

I think it offers a lot of great exploratory options, without looking or feeling very offensive. I look forward to trying it out in new ways. Sometimes I think simplicity allows you to feel safer being creative on your own. I'm hoping that's the case for me!

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Pros & Cons


  • Crescendo can change shape for all positions and users
  • Six unique motors offer a large range of pleasure vibration patterns.
  • Wireless charging means no mess and easy powerups
  • Shower proof surface means it can go anywhere you want it.
  • MysteryVibe App gives complete and personalized control of the Crescendo
  • World Wide Delivery
  • Discreet packaging that feels classy and safe
  • MysteryVibe Promo Code worth $30 off.


  • $149 is on the high end for a vibrator
  • All the options can be a little overwhelming for someone needing a simple vibrator.

We recommend the Crescendo Vibrator to:

  • Customers who are a bit shy
    The Crescendo is not scary to receive or try. It feels very simple and lets you decide the pace of what you want to do.
  • Customers looking to experiment
    The crescendo is very customizable. It can change shape and uses six independent vibrating motors to allow for a huge range of options.
  • Sexual individuals willing to spend a little bit more
    The Crescendo does cost more than a traditional vibrator, but you do get what you pay for.
  • Tech Savy customers
    Download the MysteryVibe app for more control and customization of your Crescendo.

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Crescendo Vibrator Features


  • Outer surface

    The outside of the Crescendo is 100% body-safe premium skin-feel certified silicone. Because it is charged wirelessly, the entire device is waterproof.

  • Bendable Body

    The Crescendo device can bend and adapt to almost any shape. It can stimulate areas customers have never experienced before.

  • 6 Vibrating Motors

    Six motors give the Crescendo a large variety of vibration and feeling. Download the MysteryVibe app and experiment for hours.

  • MysteryVibe App

    All the customization anyone could hope for is available in this little app. Use the app on yourself or turn control over to your partner.

Mystery Vibe Crescendo Vibrator

Crescendo Costs

This only downside we could find with this vibrator was the cost. At $149, it is one of the more expensive vibrators on the market. This high-end pleasure device is not for the casual user. TopDown's Mystery Vibe promo codes do get users $30 off by clicking here, so it isn't quite so expensive. Let us know what you think about the cost in our MysteryVibe Crescendo Review comments section below.

Crescendo Vibrator





MysteryVibe Crescendo Review

Really nice vibrator for both beginners and advanced users of sex toys. A bit pricy, but comes at a really good value for money.

Vibrating Motors




Free App


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