Hemper Box Review | Monthly Subscription Box Of Smoking Essentials

Hemper Box Review A premium smoke box

The Hemper Box is a premium monthly subscription box for smoking essentials. The box contains Limited Edition smoking accessories and is described as a celebrity curated lifestyle brand. Each box is filled with a nice selection of very high-quality items.
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Hemper Box Review

The June Glassentials Box

The Hemper box arrived in a discreet shipping bag that did not alert anyone (including myself!) to the contents of the package. I must say when I opened the bag and saw the very nice Hemper box I was pumped! It was a wonderful surprise, and knowing inside it was full of high-quality smoke accessories made it even more exciting. The box is very sturdy and all the contents arrived safely packed inside with padding to prevent any breakage. The specific package I received was the Glassentials box, Hemper offers a number of different subscription options tailored to just the type of products you are looking for.

Upon opening the box, I found out that whether you prefer to roll a joint or pack a bong, the box has you covered. Included in the box was

July Glassentials Items in the Hemper Box

Hemper Box July Glassentials

Pack of 50 natural, authentic RAW brand rolling papers

A booklet of 50 chlorine and chemical free Zen Tips to roll into a mouthpiece for a joint

1 reusable glass joint tip

A refillable “cookies” lighter with a unique, removable system to help roll your joint. (I had never seen anything like this before. You basically can remove the flint portion of the lighter and use it to pack the end of your joint.)

Organic hemp wick made with beeswax to

A patriotic themed rolling tray

Very nice, high-quality bong with a bowl

Package of 25, proprietary Hemper, bleach free alcohol wipes for cleaning hands, glass and smoking tools.

The Water Pipe

All very useful and welcomed items, but the most impressive have to be the water pipe and the reusable glass tip. The water pipe is small and discreet, while very well made. The water pipe alone would seem to justify the expense of the box and the other products were a welcome addition.

The Glass Tip

My personal favorite is the reusable “glass tip” for rolling into the end of your joint. This was the first item I used. It was my first time rolling a joint with a “glass tip” and it made the act of rolling the joint much easier! The “mouthpiece” end of the joint had great structure and support and required much less delicate hands to roll. Then smoking the joint was great with the glass tip. I did not get any resin on my mouth or hands, and when it was all done I used one of the Hemper wipes to clean and set away for next time. I also see the benefit of having the tip for when sharing a joint with others. You can place the mouth end of a joint into the glass tip and have your own personal mouthpiece and prevent sharing the same joint mouth to mouth with others. Very nice.

Glass Bong in the Hemper Box

The Water Bong

My other favorite item was the water bong. It measures approx 6 inches tall and has a very well made feel to it. I am typically a joint smoker so the bong was a welcomed change to the routine. One of my biggest peeves of using a bong is the potential to get water in your mouth, ack, and this bong has a very nice “splash catcher” that not only prevents water from getting in but creates a nice, almost vacuum seal to get the highest quality hit concentrated with the smoke and not extra air.

Hemper Box Review Summary

Rating 9.3

Overall, a very solid subscription box that will be put to use around here. Although as a regular smoker, I already had a few if the items in my house already (rolling papers, lighter, tray, paper tips) so this particular package could be more suited for the new smoker getting their kit started.

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