Greywing Mattress Review

The Greywing mattress is a new Australian contender to the Ecosa. They have spent years testing out their new bed and believe it is ready for customers. Read our Greywing mattress review and find out more about this Australian bed.

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The Greywing mattress scores a 6 out of 10 in firmness rating (10 being the firmest). Our research found that the Greywing has a unique feel that is softer, yet firm. This blend is hard is to achieve, yet it seems the Greywing might have succeed. Customers reported very little movement transferred between the sleepers. Limited horizontal movement is unusual for a firmer mattress.

The Greywing mattress also provides customers the right amount of support. The high-density foam gives the needed support without any undue pressure.


The GreyWing mattress is a slightly firmer bed, giving a sinkage of 2 inches. The sinkage will vary by sleeper weight and size.


Greywing takes the temperature of their mattress seriously. The top layer of their bed is an Open-Cell latex which offers great cooling. The adaptive fabric of the cover layer also helps to pull away heat from the sleeper. The result is a perfect temperature sleep in even slightly hotter conditions.

Customers reported a slight bit of off-gassing with the Greywing Mattress. This is average with mattresses in a box, and it goes away quickly. The Greywing mattress contains natural materials and exceeds all Australian and European standards. Give your bed a few hours to air out and any smell should dissipate.

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Read the construction portion of our Greywing mattress review to see what is inside this bed. We study the three layers of this mattress to see how they help you sleep comfortably.

  • Mattress cover

    The cover is a temperature adaptive fabric designed specifically to regulate heat. This topping does a fantastic job creating airflow and moving hot air away from the sleeper.

  • Top layer

    A 4cm natural latex with open-cell design technology. These open pockets create airflow and pull heat away from the sleeper.

  • Middle Layer

    4cm of natural memory foam create an even pressure distribution. This allows the bed to conform to your body and removes any pressure points.

  • Bottom Layer

    A 16cm high-density foam layer that gives the Greywing the needed support.

Find out how this bed is constructed with our Greywing Mattress Review

Mattress Customer Support and warranty:

  • Warranty: 15-year warranty
  • Shipping Completely free to anywhere in Australia
  • 100 night trail period.
  • Discount: Yes! Save $50 with our Promo Codes

Mattress Cost

The Greywing is a little bit more expensive than the Ecosa Mattress. That being said, Greywing has a large customer base who swear by this bed. Let us know what you think about the price in the comment section of our Greywing mattress review.










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Greywing Mattress Review

Customers agree that the Greywing mattress is a great bed. It provides a well-supported sleep while keeping the sleeper cool. It is a little bit more expensive than its competitor the Ecosa mattress, but price means nothing with something you use 1/3 of your life. We recommend trying out the Greywing mattress and seeing how you like it. The 100-night hassle free return means you don’t need to worry about wasting your money. Buy it now at


Greywing Mattress Rating











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Who should buy the Greywing mattress?

  • Customers looking for a slightly firmer mattress
  • A temperature regulated bed with open-cell technology to keep the sleeper cool.
  • Sleepers who want less horizontal motion between sleepers.

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