Ever Wonder Why Edibles Take So Long To Kick In?

Why do edibles take so long to kick in

We all have that friend with that horror story about edibles. They took a little bit, but it didn’t affect them at all. So they take more only to have the delayed effects of the first batch finally kick in. I had a friend recently take so much edibles that she ended up calling an ambulance for herself. Not that she needed too (no one has died from overdosing on cannabis, ever.)

So I set out to find discover why edibles take so long to kick in and is there anything we can do about it?

The Science Behind Edibles

When it comes down to it, your own body is the real reason edibles have a delayed effect. Your stomach is focused on efficient digestion instead of quick digestion. Evolution has designed us to get the most energy and nutrients out of every meal. The THC has to wait in your stomach before it can enter your blood stream. Once it is digested, you will get every ounce of the available THC. This is why edibles are so much more potent than smoking.

This seems like common sense in hindsight, but still thousands of people “overdose” on edibles every day. We are impatient and reach for that second handful of edibles way before we should. I know all this information and still I find myself impatient, wondering if the edible is doing anything.

Cultural Norms

While cannabis is still relatively new to our society, alcohol has been around since the dawn of man. We have pre-defined social behavior with alcohol and expect cannabis to fit the mold. Social drinking involves a number of drinks spread out across the night. If you translated this to edibles, the effect would be a sober evening followed by a nightmare level high that night. People combat this by taking a huge dose at the beginning of the evening which can lead to “overdosing.”

So what is the Solution?

Until recently the only real solution was to understand cannabis was a different type of drug than alcohol. Users planned out their night differently than they would partying. That was until cannabis became big business. As the plant moves into the main stream, edible makers are beginning to adapt and evolve their products.

One of the leading innovators is the edible company 1906. Apart from the unique name, 1906 is developing a new way to digest edibles. They use a proprietary lipid microencapuslation process that allows the THC to bypass the stomach and head directly to the smaller intestine faster. This is great news for customers who want edibles to kick in faster.

Move Over Alcohol, Cannabis Is Ready For A Night Out

Once the process has been perfected we might be in for a big change on those nights out. Imagine getting the same effect of drinking, but without the annoying hangover and weight gain. You would dance the night away, nibbling occasionally on delicious chocolate edibles.

A girl can dream.

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