Color Run Los Angeles 2017

The Color Run Los Angeles 2017 review and discount

We love to run. Even more than running, we love to do races. Some of them we run for speed, others for fun. One of the best fun runs has to be the Color Run. This 5k race can add a ton of excitement into your race schedule. We have been excitedly waiting for the Color Run Los Angeles 2017. If you haven’t done a Color Run before, make sure to read more about it below.

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Its time to do a Color Run!

What is the Color Run?

The color run is a 5k race that turns runners into brightly colored works of art. Runners get showered with over 10,000 pounds of color! You will be a beautiful walking canvas by the end of the race. (The colors are FDA approved dyes and food starch so don’t worry about chemicals or toxins.)

Los Angeles Color Run 2017 race day: Saturday, May 6th.

It’s time to get excited about the upcoming 2017 Los Angeles Color Run. The race is 1.6 miles long and of course, full of color. Make sure you wear the whitest clothing possible because you want it to be a good canvas. It’s also important to know you can run the race more than once that day. If you didn’t get enough color the first time, just run it again!

Kids under 12 do the Color Run for Free

The Color Run is a family event first and foremost. They do offer a night run for the slightly older kids/adults. We found all participants have fun at this race, regardless of their age. Once you get hit with your first color, you might even feel like a child again.

Night color run 2017

Those of you looking for an even more exciting race should do the night color run. The night run is on the same day (Saturday, April 29th), only later at night. The entire course glows with black lights, and the color powder is glow in the dark. The result is one of the coolest runs we have ever done. The 2016 night run was so amazing that we have already signed up for the 2017 night color run.

Color Run Los Angeles 2017 Ticket Price

The price of the race depends on how soon you sign up and what sort of Color Run coupons you can get. Right now runners can get up to %50 off their tickets with the current color run discounts. That makes an adult ticket only $25 at this moment. That price changes as we get closer to the race day, so sign up now.

Color Run 2017 Promo Codes

Looking for a promo code for 2017? TopDown is working with the Color Run race organizers to get even more money off the race. That might be hard because uunners can already get up to 50% off their ticket price if they sign up now.

Want to Volunteer for the Color Run?

The Color Run is always looking for Volunteers who want to throw the powder. If you feel like have a good arm, the Color Run is looking for you. We know a lot of people who run the first year and then volunteer the second. How else are you going to be able to throw color at complete strangers?

Sign up for the Color Run Los Angeles 2017 race

Other Color Run Locations around the US.

Not living in Los Angeles? The Color Run brings happiness to people all over the US. Click the plus sign below to see if the Color Run is coming to a city near you.

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We look forward to seeing you at Color Run Los Angeles 2017

We can’t wait until Saturday, May 6th. The Color Run is such an exciting and all around fun running experience. It is perfect for all ages, so bring the grandparents and the kids. If you want an added excitement, stay until darkness and get cover in glowing color. We already bought our tickets, now all we need to do is find and outfit.

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Who should sign up for the Color Run?

  • Runners looking for a fun experience
  • Kids of all ages who want to become a painting
  • People living in Los Angeles looking for a fun event on a Saturday


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