Circle Pay Review

What is Circle Pay?

Circle pay is a new app that allows you to send money online. Circle makes it easy, fast, and most importantly safe to send money anywhere in the world. Did I mention that Circle pay is also completely free? Read our Circle Pay review to see why you need this app.

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Read our Circle Pay Review and find out how this new app works.

Circle Pay Rating


Circle Pay Review

What makes Circle Pay so unique?

Circle pay is unique because it is an early adopter of the blockchain technology. It is a little too complicated to explain in our Circle Pay Review, but you can view a video about what Blockchain technology is HERE. Blockchain technology is a fundamental new way of moving around money. Forty five of largest banks are currently switching their infrastructures over to blockchain.

Looking at the creators of Circle pay, you see a lot of leaders in the banking industry. They can see the writing on the wall and have created an app to take advantage of it. In the next coming years moving money between countries will become significantly easier.

Is Circle Pay easy to use?

The Circle app is intuitive. It’s easy to create an account with your email. The app will then verify your phone number. Customers then enter a debit card of bank account number. With that completed, you are ready to send money to anyone in the world. You can enter their name, phone, email or bitcoin address. The Circle pay app will ensure your money makes it to them. Guaranteed.

Is Circle Pay International?

Unlike Venmo or google wallet, Circle Pay will be available worldwide. This is a realm currently only serviced by big banks or start-ups like transfer-wise. Those companies require a lot more information to send money. Circle will avoid all this and make it simple again. It will turn the money sharing industry on its head.

How can Circle pay be free?

Money exchanging apps like Venmo, Square, or Google Wallet are free. They deal with money only inside the US and can avoid any fees. Anyone who has used transfer-wise knows how much it costs to send internationally. So readers should get excited when they hear that Circle pay will send money for free. The Circle pay app is going to be a big thing.

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Circle Vs Venmo

If you live in the US there is not much difference between Circle pay and Venmo. They both send and receive money completely free of charge. They use extreme safeguards to ensure that your information is protected. The biggest difference between the two is the ability to send money internationally. Venmo only works inside the United States. If you travel abroad with Venmo, you will have to use cash or Transferwise to send money. Circle pay will allow you to send your money anywhere in the world. If that doesn’t help in your decision between Circle and Venmo, I’m not sure what will.

Circle vs Transferwise

This is an easy comparison. Transferwise does have some of the best international money sending rates. The only problem is Circle Pay does the same thing, but completely free. Once more people learn about Circle Pay, companies like Transferwise will have a hard time staying in business.

Circle pay Promo Codes

People need to know about Circle pay. The app is amazing, but only if customers know it exists. That is where referral programs come into play. When customers sign up for the app, they will receive Circle pay Promo codes worth $5. Share this code with your friends and let them know about this amazing app.

Circle Pay Promo Code

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Circle pay review Summary

We recommend giving Circle pay a try. The days of paying to send money internationally are over. Let Circle show you what a world without fees looks like today.

Use our Circle pay promo code U42PTG and get $5 when you sign up for the app.

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