The 4 Best Cannabis Box Subscriptions

4 of the Best Cannabis Box Subscription Services

Who doesn’t love a good subscription? Below I share four subscription boxes—two that will send you actual cannabis in the mail (each month or week, only in CA), and two that send smoking accessories (across the USA). And yes, all of them are pretty dope.

Subscriptions that Send Cannabis

The first two subscriptions will send you actual cannabis products in the mail. They currently require a medical license to receive these, and they are only in California.

Club M

Price: $97/Month
Available in California
Discount: 10% off (click here)

Best Cannabis Box Subscription: Club M

I love this box. If you like feeling a little bit fancy, and love a bit of mystery—you’ll absolutely love this box. Each month you receive a very secretive-feeling black box, sealed with red wax. It has an absolutely amazing presentation—it literally feels like you’re going to open it and find your new wand for the upcoming year at Hogwarts. Instead, nestled inside are a ton of fantastic, high-end marijuana products. You’ll get a nice combination of edibles, flowers, concentrates, as well as accessories to use all the included products.


Price: $150/Month

Available in Los Angeles and San Francisco
Discount:  (click here)

PotBox: One of the Best Cannabis Subscription Boxes

The PotBox subscription is extremely customizable, so you can receive only the types of products you’d enjoy, at the times when you’d want them. You can sign up to receive a delivery anywhere from every week to every couple months, and can choose between a Sativa-only box, an Indica-only box, or select a Hybrid box for a fun mix. And if you’re hankering for a box RIGHT NOW, you can also choose an on-demand option, and your box will be whisked over to you immediately.

Subscriptions that Send Cannabis Accessories

These last two subscriptions are for cannabis accessories—like pipes, papers, grinders, etc. For the most part, these can be shipped anywhere in the USA.


Price: $23/Month

Available across the USA
Discount: $3 off (Code: HAPPY3)

PufferBox: Best Cannabis Box Sub for Accessories

This box is not crazy fancy, nor does it contain actual cannabis products—but it’s definitely a fantastic accessory kit. If you know what cannabis products you like, and always get them from the same dispensary—you’re not going to want to subscribe to one of the boxes above that send you new cannabis products. Instead, you might be up for receiving some of PufferBoxes awesome accessories, so you can never run out of supplies, and find new and fun ways to smoke.

Daily High Club

Price: $30/Month

Available across the USA

For $30/month, you’ll get about $80 worth of cool cannabis accessories, which always includes at least one new glass. There will also be at least 7 new items inside for you to try out with your own stash. And if you just want to get new papers every month, you can pay only $1 and receive a set of new ones in the mail. Easy peasy.


There are definitely other cannabis subscriptions out there, but these are a consolidated list of our favorites. If you still don’t know what to try, we suggest Club M. It’s definitely the most unique box you’ll ever receive (not just in the cannabis realm).

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