Trendy Butler Review | Your Online Personal Stylist

Trendy Butler Review: Your Online Personal Stylist

I am not much of a shopper but I do like to look good. I find I spend an agonizing amount of time finding the perfect pair of pants or shirt. So when I was asked to review Trendy Butler I was excited and hesitant at the same time. Excited to skip the hours shopping, hesitant because I am so picky. Luckily it turns out I didn’t need to be so worried.

Trendy Butler Review: How It Works

Trendy Butler is a subscription service that sends customers a full outfit each month. They base the style and size of the outfit on a slew of information you enter when you first sign up. I recommend taking your time to really fill out the questionaire carefully as Trendy Butler does a great job hitting your style.

How Trendy Butler works

Customers can try on the clothes and exchange any that you don’t like. I have only gotten one month so far, but they really nailed my style. I won’t be returning any of the clothing I received. The other great perk is that Trendy Butler shops in bulk and can pass that savings onto you. The items I received would have cost me around $215 in the store. Not bad when you consider the cost to the customer is only $65.

My Trendy Butler Items

Check out the items I received below.

Eleven Paris Chaplinco M Pants Trendy Butler review

Eleven Paris Chaplinco M Pants

The Style

These pants were dead on for the style I was looking for. They were comfortable around the waist with a good amount of narrowing around the ankles. I loved the color, though I wasn’t to sure about the shoe lace belt that came with it. I will be keeping these.

The Fit

These pants fit like a dream. They have just enough space around the waist for comfort, but I don’t need a belt to keep them up. If they do shrink in the wash I will still be able to fit into them.

Thomas Payne UK Collection Sweater in Trendy Butler

Thomas Payne UK Collection Sweater

The Style

I love this sweater even more than the pants if that is possible. The 4 button neck allows me to adjust the casualness for different events. It is a lighter sweater that is great for the cool evenings in Los Angeles.

The Fit

Again I was very pleased with the fit. I have long arms which means any shirt that fits my arms ends up being loose around the torso. Trendy Butler knew my waist size and height so they found a sweater that fit my body perfectly.

Sweat Tailor Sage Green Supima Blend Crew

Sweat Tailer Sage Green Supima Blend Crew

The Style

The shirt was probably my least favorite of the items. I live in Southern California so a long sleeve shirt gets a bit hot. That being said the material is pretty thin so I think I can get away with it. I was also not the biggest fan of how it hung on my body.

The Fit

The shirt was a little large for my style. I tend to prefer more form fitting clothing like the Thomas Payne sweater and Eleven Paris pants.

Trendy Butler Review Summary

Overall Rating 9.4

For $65 I received a pair of pants and a sweater I really liked, and a shirt that was pretty good. The clothing was all tailored to my style and I didn’t even have to waste hours at the store. The sweater is already a favorite

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