Suissly Firm Mattress Review

The Suissly Firm is one of the most comfortable firm mattresses we have tested. The Dunlop latex top and high-density foam layer create a solid support with just the right amount of softness. Read our Suissly Firm mattress review and discover what makes this bed unique.

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Read our Suissly Firm mattress review

Sleeping on the Suissly Firm Mattress

Firmness and Support

We gave the Suissly Firm a 7 out of 10 in our firmness rating (10 being the firmest). The combination of Dunlop latex and memory foam give this bed a very notable feel. Initially, this bed felt softer than the Suissly medium firm. As we laid on it a while, the firmness increased. We ended up on a bed that is ideal for back sleepers, though it may be a bit too hard for side sleepers. (Suissly makes a medium mattress that is ideal for side sleepers.)

The firm mattress comes with exceptional support. The memory foam layer disperses weight evenly over the high-density layer beneath. This blending layer provides excellent joint relief for sleepers as it eases any points of pressure.

Sinkage and Horizontal Motion Transfer

We found a sinkage of around 1″ when laying in the center of the Suissly Firm. There is a little contouring, but this mattress won’t hug your body. Again, we aren’t sure we would recommend this bed for side sleepers as it might compress the hip and shoulder.

The top latex layer did a good job of reducing the horizontal motion. Sleepers should be able to move around a fair amount without disturbing their partner.

Temperature and off-gassing

We found no problems at all with a temperature of the Suissly firm mattress. In general, we rarely find latex topped beds that have a lot of heat. This bed is ideal for all climates, warm and cold alike.

We also found no evidence of off-gassing with this bed. We do caution that most box mattresses come with a slight smell that dissipates in a few hours. Sleep comfortably knowing Suissly is almost 100% organic, going beyond the GLOS requirements

What Suissly is made of


The Suissly Firm uses a combination of latex and high-density foam to give its firm, supportive feel. They also incorporate a memory foam middle layer to balance out the bed and give just a hint of softness. Explore the inside of this bed in our Suissly Firm Mattress review.

  • Mattress cover

    A knitted viscose blend that provides softness while remaining durable.

  • Top layer

    1.5″ of Dunlop latex foam give a firmer feel while remaining cool.

  • Middle Layer

    1.5″ of memory foam create the softness that disperses the weight of the sleeper evenly.

  • Bottom Layer

    7″ of high-density foam form the base of the Suissly Firm. This layer gives the real support and foundation for the sleeper.

Check out how the Suissly Firm is made.

Mattress Customer Support and warranty:

  • Free Shipping
  • 100 night trial period
  • 10 year warranty
  • Earth friendly bed using recycled materials and 100% organic Latex.
  • Discounts: Get 10% off with Suissly Coupon TOPDOWN

Mattress Cost

Just like the medium firm, this bed comes in at $999 for a queen mattress. This price is average in the industry, landing a tiny bit on the higher end. Suissly knows that their mattress is a little more expensive, but focus on providing high-quality beds. They use only the best material, going as far as to import natural latex from outside of the US. We encourage readers to go to the comments section our Suissly Firm mattress review and let us know what you think of the price.











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Suissly Firm Mattress Review

The Suissly Firm mattress provides a sound sleep with ample support. It’s latex and foam construction mean it has less responsiveness than their Medium firm mattress. With a sinkage of 1 inch, we recommend this bed for back and face sleepers. We suggest side sleepers check out the Suissly medium instead. Either way, customers are getting superb mattress at a relatively inexpensive price.


Suissly Firm Rating











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Who should buy Firm mattress?

  • Sleepers looking for a much firmer mattress
  • Back and Stomach sleepers, especially larger individuals.
  • Customers looking for an earth friendly mattress. Every part of the Suissly is either 100% organic or recycled.

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