Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Review

Read our Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Review

Sleep Number has always been a progressive trendsetter in the bedding industry. So it wasn’t that big of a shock when they released the Sleep Number 360 smart mattress at CES. The 360 Smart Bed has taken the smart sleep technology to the next level. Join us as we explore this advanced mattress in our Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed review.

Our Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Review

Get ready for the most advanced sleep of your life. Sleep Number’s 360 Smart mattress is hoping to become the future of sleep. It’s list of features is so large that we almost don’t know where to begin. Most importantly, the 360 smart bed can adjust to the sleeper’s perfect firmness. Customers enter their sleep number, and the 360 smart bed will change the hardness. (The 360 bed allows couples to each have their unique mattress feel.)

We found that with the correct sleep number entered, the mattress is very comfortable. There is just the right amount of comfort on top and support beneath. If you aren’t sure what your sleep number is, don’t worry. The 360 Smart bed monitors your sleep during the night and gives you a sleep score called the Sleep IQ. Customers can adjust the firmness and support of the bed and watch as their Sleep IQ goes up or down. It gives customers an amazing ability to control the quality of their sleep realtime.

Its more than an adjustable mattress

The 360 smart mattress can do more than just adjust firmness. Sensors in the mattress can detect snoring real time. The Sleep Number mattress will then raise the upper body of the sleeper to reduce the snoring. It does this gradually and smoothly, so neither sleeper will notice the motion.

The 360 smart bed can even warm your bed. Customers can program their 360 bed to pre-warm for them on cold winter nights. There are other useful features such as running lights that will brighten as you climb out of bed. Sleep Number aims to give you the best sleep, and they are delivering.

Pros & Cons


  • Mattress can adjust firmness real time to give the best conditions for each sleeper
  • Mattress detects snoring and adjusts sleeper real time
  • 360 Smart bed monitors your sleep and gives a Sleep IQ number
  • Sleep IQ allows customers to get the best possible sleeping conditions
  • Bed Warmer can pre-warm your bed before you get in
  • Running lights brighten when sleeper gets up in the middle of the night.


  • Some customers might be overwhelmed with so many features
  • Sleep Number mattresses are very expensive
  • 360 Smart Mattress doesn’t have the ability to cool down the sleeper

We recommend this bed to sleepers who:

  • Sleepers looking for the best nights sleep
    The SleepIQ allows customers to fine tune their mattress for the best night sleep. The 360 Smart bed has a ton of adjustable features that customers can adjust.
  • Customers struggling to get a good nights sleep
    A lot of sleepers don’t know why they aren’t sleeping well. The 360 smart mattress and Sleep IQ work together to narrow down any problems with your sleep.
  • Customers willing to pay a lot for comfort
    The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed will give a great sleep, but it isnt cheap. The current best guess is that the mattress will cost around $4000.

Are there any Sleep Number Promo Codes available?

Sleep Number makes high-quality products, and they know it. They do offer discounts occasionally, but they feel that their beds are priced correctly. We always update this page to have the latest Sleep Number discounts as they are available.

Mattress Construction

Our Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Review got an exciting chance to check out how the mattress is made at CES. The smart mattress is broken down into three different layers.

  • Mattress cover

    A thin fabric that covers the top layer and provides protection for the bed.

  • Top layer

    A cushion foam top that provides the comfort and initial feel. This top layer helps provide a balanced softness and temperature control.

  • Middle Layer

    Dual Air chamber technology allows small adjustments for the position of the sleeper. The air chambers also monitor vibrations for snoring and movement during the night.

  • Bottom Layer

    The adjustable base has the mechanics that move your position during the night. This base gives the 360 smart bed the power to make larger position adjustments for your optimal sleeping position.

360 Smart Mattress Cost

Sleep Number hasn’t released the price of the 360 smart mattresses, but they won’t be cheap. Customers can assume that a mattress this full of features will cost around $4000. We will update ourSleep Number 360 Smart Bed Review when we have an exact number. Customer can also check out the Balluga Mattress which is a similar style bed but almost a 3rd of the price.

360 Smart Bed


Mattress Customer Support and warranty:




Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Review

The 360 smart bed is a huge step forward in smart sleep technology. A small list of features are Real-time sleep monitoring, mattress firmness adjustment, snore reducing and bed warming. Customers to see their SleepIQ number and dial in the correct Sleep Number. If you are willing the pay the heavy price tag, the 360 Smart Bed can give an amazing sleep.




Around $4,000

Risk-Free Trial Period

100 Night

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