Sit Hip Review | Take Your Inflatable Couch With You

Sit Hip Review

Do you ever find yourself hiking along a dirt path thinking to yourself, “man, I wish I had a place to sit down.” Well, my friend, your days of wishing are over.

Sit Hip Review

I’ll admit that I have often found myself wandering around hiking trails hoping to find a bench just around the next corner, and the next…maybe the next corner? It doesn’t always happen that way. When I found the Sit Hip, visions of what long hikes could be like starting dancing around my head! Imagine, pulling this inflatable lounger from your backpack and taking a load off, wherever you may find yourself.

If you’ve ever wished for a bench or a chair to magically appear, then the Sit Hip is for you.

How it Works

At first glance, the Sit Hip looks like it might be filled with the little beans that used to fill up bean bag chairs – remember those? But it’s just air! Genius. With a couple of passes through the air, your Sit Hip lounger is filled with air and you can secure the end of it quickly, and start enjoying the cushy seat immediately.

And because it is inflatable, you can roll this puppy up and pack it away with ease, making it super portable.

Ease of Use

When you visit the Sit Hip website, there is a video that shows you how to inflate it. It looks easy enough. After a few rounds of running the Sit Hip through the air, you start to get the hang of it and can easily fill the lounger so that it can be enjoyed anywhere.


  • It’s less than $70
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Huge assortment of patterns to fit your style
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Discount available.


  • Can be tricky to inflate the first few times
  • Everyone is going to want to use your couch

Sit Hip Review Summary

Rating 9.2

Similar inflatable loungers have made their way to the market, but this lounger comes with a lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defect. That’s pretty incredible. You’ll get a new one within 48 hours if you find anything wrong with the one Sit Hip sent you originally. Given the affordable price, the relative ease of use, and the assortment of colors to choose from, I’d say this is a great investment, especially for the avid outdoors person.

Get it for $69 at

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