Roma Jewelry Review

Roma Jewelry Review

Price: $15 – $200

High-class jewelry from around the world
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Upfront note: Roma Jewelry sent us a piece for free, but opinions are our own.

I’ve spent a lot of time working with handmade jewelry, from my time curating artists for my own little subscription company, Fair Ivy. So it seemed only right that I’d do the review for Roma Jewelry.

To start with, Roma Jewelry’s website is really nicely laid out. Right off the bat you can tell that they have a wide variety of different jewelry styles and pieces.

Some of the items on the front page looked really classy and lovely to me, which definitely got my attention. However, there were also pieces on the front page that looked rather cheap, which sorta made the classy ones seem less nice. But regardless, I dove in and did a search for something that tickled my fancy.

I adore 1920s style, and often go to events that are themed around that era. So when I saw these Galatea Dangle Earrings, I was thrilled. They are very classy and fit right in with the 1920s. The price tag on the site is $139.99. The description says:

Made of .925 sterling silver with a platinum vermeil, this piece will not tarnish and is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Materials: Sterling silver with a platinum vermeil. Made in Italy.

I received them less than 3 days later. Roma Jewelry prides themselves on easy ordering and super quick delivery. The box they are sent in is a really cute teal color.

Roma Jewelry Review

The inside is equally cute, with lovely patterned tissue paper. Nestled inside is a nice black box containing the earrings.

Unfortunately the earrings inside the box were in a plastic bag, and on a plain earring card. That definitely could have been improved by having them just on the backing of the black box, so they were gorgeous right upon opening. As it was, all I saw when I cracked the black box was a plastic baggie.

Anyway. The Galatea Dangle Earrings themselves are exactly as pictured on the site. They are swishy and dangly. Totally 1920s. I am excited to wear them out to an event.

However, something about them feels a little less fancy than I was hoping—it may be a mixture of how light they were, combined with the flimsy-ness of the part that actually goes through your ears.

I’m sure it was due to the material they were made of, but after opening the earring (to put in my ear), they were already a bit bent out of shape. I feel nervous that they will snap after a few uses. But we’ll have to see.

Rating: 8.5

Roma Jewelry Review Summary

Overall I really liked the presentation of the jewelry item I received (minus the plastic bag part). I also loved the design of the particular piece. However, I think they could have felt a bit sturdier, considering the retail price.

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