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Reverie Mattress Review about the Natural Latex bed

The Reverie Mattress is one of the most customizable beds we have ever reviewed. Reverie takes a unique approach to mattress support and comfort called DreamCells. Find out more about this bed and its DreamCell technology in our Reverie Mattress Review.

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Lost in our Reverie for this bed

Mattress firmness and Support

Reverie makes it very hard to give a default firmness. Their mattress takes customization to a whole new level. We gauge their medium Reverie mattress to be a 6 out of 10 firmness (10 being the firmest). With the Reverie DreamCells, customers are able to change that firmness themselves. This is thanks to hundreds of DreamCell coils that form the support structure. Read about the DreamCell technology at their site or head down to our construction section to learn more.

The Reverie does a fantastic job with support, providing a comfortable sleep. The Dreamcells work together to disperse the sleepers weight evenly. How much your weight is dispersed is based on the firmness level chosen.


With our firmness choice, we found a sinkage of 2 inches. The top layer of latex provides a comfortable top layer that contours and hugs the body. There is a bit more horizontal motion transfer because of the Dreamcell foam spring technology. Springs tend to provide a more energetic sleep. That same energy creates more horizontal movement.

Looking for a full foam bed with no motion transfer?

Temperature and Off-Gassing

The Reverie Mattress uses foam coils which dramatically reduce the heat retention. Unlike full foam beds, the Reverie sleeps cool.

We have found no reports of Off-Gassing with the Reverie. They use CertiPur-US memory foam and natural rubber for their bed. Customers can sleep comfortably knowing they won’t be breathing harmful chemicals

A bed anyone could Revere

Mattress Construction

Bed construction is probably the most exciting section when it comes to the Reverie Mattress. The Reverie uses an entirely new system that we have never seen before. DreamCells allow customers a complete customization of their bed. To understand what we mean, it’s important to learn what DreamCells are.

DreamCells are individual foam springs that fill the inside of your Mattress. Reverie makes four levels of DreamCells, ranging from firm to soft. The firmness of your sleep depends on how you organize these cells. Want a firmer bed, use more of the yellow DreamCells. Sleepers looking for a softer bed can use only the Pink DreamCells. We have found that Reverie knows the best configurations on their DreamCells. We recommend trying their layout first before trying to adjust it yourself.

Check out how the DreamCells work

The best way to learn more about this bed is to speak with Reverie themselves. Before customers order, they should contact Reverie and learn about the best options. Reverie understands their DreamCell technology and can help customers make the right choice. Reach out to them at 888-888-5990 or chat online right away at their website. (Make sure to mention our TopDown Review as it might get you a discount.)

What lays on top of the springs is also important as well. Reverie has two different mattress options. Customers looking for a snugglier feel should try the Reverie Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress. If you want a lighter feel, then try the Reverie Natural Latex Mattress. For our Reverie mattress review, we focused on the Natural Latex. As back sleepers, we like a firmer sleep and tend to shy away from memory foam.

  • Mattress cover

    Reverie has beautifully designed cover with moisture wicking properties. It is removable but dry clean only.

  • Top layer

    2.5″ natural comfort layer that provides comfort and provides a transition to the DreamCells beneath.

  • Bottom Layer

    8.5″DreamCells provide the highly customizable sleep experience. Customers can move and arrange these cells to give a precise sleeping experience. We do recommend talking with Reverie first as they know how the cell technology works best.

Find out more about the Reverie DreamCell technology

Mattress Customer Support and warranty:

  • Free Shipping with white glove service that will setup and remove old bed.
  • 101 Night trail period
  • 10 year warranty
  • Reconfigurable firmness.
  • Discounts: Free Shipping and White Glove service with link below.

Reverie Mattress Cost

This level of comfort does not come cheap. The Reverie Natural Mattress comes in at a whopping $2,999 for a queen. We recommend first-time mattress shoppers look into a more affordable bed. The Reverie is designed for sleepers who want a perfect level of comfort and don’t mind spending a bit more. Let us know what you think about the price in the comments section of our Reverie Mattress Review.

Reverie 9T Adjustable Foundation

Reverie offers extra options for sleepers looking for a full sleeping experience. They sell adjustable foundations that give customers a wide range of sleep positions. Raise your head, lower your feet; anything is possible with the adjustable foundation. The Reverie 9T works with their mattresses to give the best sleep.

The 9T is the most adjustable, but Reverie also has a 4M and 3E for a slightly less expensive option. Again the Natural Sleep systems are for the more discerning sleeper as they cost between $2-$4k. That price includes the Reverie mattress and adjustable foundation.









Reverie Mattress Promo Codes

We are working with Reverie to get our customers a discount. Check back to find out if we have any new Reverie Coupons.

Get Free Shipping and white glove service with our Reverie Promo Codes.

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Reverie Mattress Review

The Reverie Bed is a whole new level of mattress customization. Customers are sure to find their perfect sleep with Reverie, but it won’t be cheap. There are a ton of less expensive beds that work for the average sleeper. The Reverie is targeted at the sleepers who are struggling to find a good nights sleep. If that sounds like you, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a Reverie. Buy it now at


Reverie Natural Mattress Rating











Check their Website

Who should buy the Reverie Natural Mattress?

  • Customers who want a distinct firmness and are willing to pay more.
  • Sleepers who like being able to adjust their sleep after they have purchased the bed.
  • Couples who want different mattress firmness levels.

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