A “Nu” Way To Look At Mattresses

Discover a Nu way to sleep in our Nuvanna Mattress Review

Nuvanna Mattress

Price: $890 /Queen

100 Night Trial

$50 Discount available

Nuvanna Mattress Review

I am always looking for the latest and greatest new mattresses. The most recent one I have discovered is the Nuvanna Mattress. I am  in the process of doing the Nuvanna Mattress Review so make sure to check back in a few days. If you don’t want to wait, Nuvanna offers a 100 day risk free trial and a $50 discount.

Mattress Details

The Nuvanna Mattress is a one type fits all bed. The creator Alvaro Vaselli has over 20 years of mattress knowledge that he has stuffed into this one bed. My Nuvanna Mattress Review takes a look at each of the bed layers that help achieve this.

  • Tencel Mattress Cover

    Tensel fabric is a unique material adapted for the mattress industry. It is highly breathable (giving a cool sleep) and softer than silk.

  • Ascension Layer

    A unique foam layer that cradles and provides a comfortable sleep. Nuvanna also includes Gel particles to help heat transfer.

  • Equilibrium Layer

    A blend layer between the comfort layer above and the support layer beneath. The Equilibrium layer absorbs movement while still providing support.

  • Support Layer

    The foundation layer is essential for great support so you wake up free of pain and aches.

Mattress Details

  • 10 year warranty
  • Price $550-$950
  • 100 night trial
  • free shipping
  • New users get $50 off
  • Pros

    • Average price for industry
    • Good quality materials
    • Lot of experience behind mattress
  • Cons

    • Makes only one firmness level

Nuvanna Mattress Review Summary

I am in the process of review this bed so please check back soon. If you are impatient, use the $50 discount and try out the bed for 100 nights risk free. Let me know how you like it in the comments section.

Current Rating: 9.3 

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Comments 2

  1. There’s only one firmness level because the foams and overall construction (layering) are designed to adapt to different body types. Alvaro Vaselli actually discusses this in one of the video clips they made (found on YouTube) and it may also be mentioned on the website, so I’m not sure if listing that as a “con” is justified. I inquired about the mattress the other day and ended up speaking with Alvaro directly… he’s very sincere and passionate about the mattress as well as the overall mission of his company. Being a foam scientist, he really knows his stuff and I was impressed with how articulate he was as well. Many other startups claim to have consulted with various industry experts but they’re really just marketing machines that chose mattresses as their vehicle. I don’t think any other mattresses have been designed by an actual foam scientist with decades of experience. Initially, I admit it seemed like they were just another one of these new startups with the same story and similar construction. However, after diving deeper my opinion has obviously changed. I’m not affiliated with Nuvanna in any way and actually came across the mattress on another review site.

    1. Thanks for the comment Jo! We are reaching out to Nuvanna to do a full in-depth review of their mattress. We look forward to trying out the bed and updating the page accordingly.

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