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Novosbed claims to have the best sleep trial in the industry. They include the Comfort+ with their mattress. Comfort+ is a customizable way to adjust the firmness of your mattress. We put that claim to the test in our Novosbed Reviews.

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Our Novosbed Reviews

Novosbed Firmness and support

Novosbed offers a wide range of firmness options. We always choose the medium mattress when there are options so we keep our reviews balanced. The Novosbed falls in the middle of the range. It has a soft top, but also provides a good amount of support. It is one of the better-balanced mattresses our testers have slept on.
The foam top hugged their bodies as they rested on the mattress, giving a comfortable sleep. Every mattress brand is different, but the Novosbed has made a unique sleeping experience. The foam adjusts slower than others our testers had laid on, giving the mattress a rich smooth feeling. Our testers tried back and front sleeping and never felt uncomfortable.
Novosbed does a great job and dispersing your weight. We always worry about the lower back, but the Novos Bed did a superb job with support. There was never any pressure along our testers bodies while they slept during the Novosbed Reviews. We felt like we were laying on a soft cloud that actually gave good support. No part of our testers ever sank deeper into the mattress than the others.
The NovosBed came with an addition Comfort+ kit. This extra padding kit allows the addition or removal of firmness to your mattress. If the mattress is just a bit too soft, add some firmness by using the NovosBed Comfort+ kit. If it’s too firm, the kit allows you to make the mattress a little bit softer. The range of firmness to softness is pretty wide with the NovosBed.

  • Soft + Soft Comfort+ kit : 20/100

    The softest Novosbed customization. It gives the customer a super soft sleep. We give this mattress firmness rating of 20/100

  • Firm Novosbed + Firm Comfort+ Kit : 80/100

    The firmest Novosbed customization. It gives the customer a super firm sleep. We give this mattress firmness rating of 80/100


Sinkage is all over the map with the Novosbed mattress because of how many options it has. For our Novosbed Reviews we chose the medium mattress which sank around 2 inches when our testers laid on their sides. Light sleepers (140 or less) will only sink into it about 1 inch.

When we tested the Novosbed firm mattress there was almost no noticable sink for a light person, and minor for a heavy. While the Novosbed soft mattress gave a good amount of drop for a light person, but far too much for someone heavier than 180 pounds.

  • 120 lbs. or lighter = Novosbed soft
  • 120 lbs. – 180 lbs. = Novosbed medium
  • 180 lbs. or heavier = Novosbed firm
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NovosBed Coolness

The Novos Bed also exceeded our expectations when it came to coolness. We expected a hot mattress, it’s something that comes with a soft thick memory foam top. The Novosbed designed their top layer to be porous, and it works wonders. Our testers were able to sleep through the night without ever turning on the AC once.

Novosbed Mattress Construction

The Novos Bed mattress breaks down into 3 different layers. Each of the layers plays an important role in support and comfort of the customer’s sleep. Let’s take a look at what the Novos Mattress looks like on the inside.
Check out how the Novosbed mattress is made in our Novosbed reviews
  • Mattress cover

    NovosBed has an elastic, slightly springy cover. It contains a blend of materials including Polyester and Silica. They work well together and give a soft finish that is still extremely durable. The fabric won’t get saggy and loose over time like so many of the other mattresses.

  • Top layer

    2 ” of comfortable memory foam to give a soft sleep. This layer has large air holes that allow the heat to dissipate through the mattress. It cushions your body and gives a cooler sleep at the same time.

  • Middle layer

    2″ of super dense memory support foam come next. This foam is a blend of firmness and comfort, blended together.

  • Bottom Layer:

    A massive 7″ foam support layer. This thick layer acts as the foundation layer, giving the support to the sleeper.

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Novosbed Mattress Customer Support and warranty:

These are the specifics at the time of our Novosbed reviews. We update our pages every few weeks to make sure sign up for our newsletter to hear about any changes.

  • Trial Period – 120 nights
  • Warranty – 15 years
  • Shipping – free, compressed in a box, ships within 24 hours, arrives in 1-6 business days
  • Novosbed Discounts – save $100
  • Made in the USA
  • Weight – Queen size mattress weighs 98 pounds (medium firmness)

Is Novosbed the best mattress? Read our Novosbed reviews to find out.

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Novosbed Reviews summary:

Doing the Novosbed reviews was a true pleasure. We try so many mattresses that it is always nice when one really stands out. The Novosbed does a great job of blending comfort with support, resulting in a truly universal mattress. This mattress would be a great choice for couples who have different sleep positions. Add the coolness of the top foam layer and you have a winner.
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