Moov Now Review 2.0 wearable

Learn about the latest in the Moov Brand in our Moov Now Review.

Moov Now Review 2.0 Wearable

We just had to get our hands on the Moov Now, the 2nd generation of the Moov. The Moov Now is a wearable device that tracks your movements while you workout. Moov takes it a step further by tracking specific movements of different exercises. Moov can then coach the user on how to have a better workout. Read our Moov Now review to see how well it works.

Moov Now Review

The Moov Now is a device worn on the wrist or ankle. It tracks your movement, sending it back to an app on your handheld device. The information allows the Moov app to coach you in your form. It studies how you run, swim, and even punch. That information provides a suitable coaching to improve your exercise.

The original Moov

The Moov now is the 2nd generation of the Moov. The original device was well received but was generally thought to be too large. Moov listened to its customers and created the Moov Now to be much smaller. The device is much smaller while still including all the tech the original device had. Users can enjoy the nine-axis Omni-motion sensor technology. This large amount of information gives the user an epic range of motion.

What comes in the box?

The Moov itself is a tiny plastic sensor. Moov offers a wide range of colors, so customize yourself! Moov also provides two straps, one for your wrist and one for your ankle. The straps are a soft leather that is strong, yet surprisingly gentle on the skin. Moov also provides an app for your phone that will record all your info. 

What sort of activities does Moov coach?

Moov coaches 5 different activities. The Moov Now App has information on the correct form for all of them. This way it can watch your technique and show you how to improve. We wanted to explore all of them for this Moov Now Review.

  • Running:

    Has built-in exercises for an optimal run. Once you finished with the run, the app has information about cadence and range of motion. It goes a step further and monitors how much pressure weighs on your joints.

  • Swimming:

    Moov doesn’t coach you during the swim, but it does gather information. It shows you the number of strokes, how long you swam and how much calories you burned. It also coaches you on different technique changes to improve your stroke.

  • Boxing:

    Moov takes you through a fun, intensive boxing workout. Moov users seem to have the most fun with this one, yet still get a great workout!

  • Walking:

    Don’t like to run? Moov Now has in-depth information on getting the most out of your walking.

  • Training

    Level up the amount of sit ups and push ups you can do. Moov will motivate and push you to higher goals.

Our Moov Now Review goes over this new wearable device that can help coach and guide athletes.

Moov Now activity and sleep tracking

Customers don’t need to focus solely on one of the activities above. Moov can help in your normal life and even with your sleep. See how much of your day you are active vs sitting still. Or see how much good sleep you get in a night. The Moov Now can help even if you aren’t doing an intense activity.

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Moov Now Rating


Moov Now Review Summary

The Moov Now is a big step up from the Moov. They have done a great job on almost every aspect of the device. If you are looking for a cheaper way to have a coach motivate you, the Moov Now is for you. It does a great job tracking and coaching you with different activities. It is also comfortable and unobtrusive to wear. Few of the other wearables can match the Moov Now, especially at the under $100 price range.

Get in shape with the Moov Now and be sure to use our Free Shipping promo code. We hope you enjoyed our Moov Now Review.


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