Meadow Coupon Codes

Hello, lovelies! Welcome to my Meadow Coupon Codes page. I have a special place in my heart for this weed delivery company. Meadow is not as large as its competitors, but that isn’t stopping it at all. Use my Meadow Coupon Codes link to get $20 free!

Meadow Coupon Codes

Get $20 off your first order!

Meadow Coupon Codes will get you $20 off!

Meadow Coupon Codes:

Meadow does their promo codes in a different way. Instead of entering a meadow promo code, you need to click on any of the links on this page, like this one—and you’ll get $20 free. Meadow uses referral links for their promotional deals. There are some good and bad things about using Meadow referral links instead of codes. I will go into more detail below.

Meadow referral links:

I will start off saying that I am not a fan of the referral link system. But I definitely understand why companies choose to do it. A Meadow referral link is a URL that a user has to click to get the $20 meadow discount. These URLs are more than one or two words. To share it you have to email it.

Meadow referral links make it hard for me to talk about Meadow weed in person. I can tell them about Meadow, but unless I get someone’s email address, it is hard for me to pass on my discount. And hard to earn free credits for having users use my code. I love talking about weed delivery, but I do this to get free weed. Companies shouldn’t make the lives of their promoters harder.

Why is it a Meadow referral link?

I understand why they do not use Meadow Coupon codes. Coupon sites are good at sucking up codes from tweets, Facebook, and more. If a Meadow Coupon code is on a big coupon site then it is worthless. Meadow is not getting any promotion from that code anymore. By using referral links only review sites like TopDown Reviews can promote their product.

I love GetMeadow.

I love promoting GetMeadow weed delivery. I want to see this company grow. Meadow is easy to use and they have a terrific customer service. I have spoken to the owner a couple of times. I know it is tempting to use the bigger companies like Eaze and Greenrush. I ask you to give Meadow a shot, they might surprise you. Its also nice that they provide a GetMeadow promo code!

What is Meadow Weed Delivery


Meadow weed delivery is exactly what it sounds like. They deliver medical marijuana to customers. They take your order online, connecting you with nearby dispensaries. The dispensary gets your order from Meadow and delivers it to the customer. All this happens under an hour after you have ordered!

Benefits of weed delivery

  • Physically Challenged users.

    There are many benefits that are obvious and a few that aren’t. Physically challenged or sick people have begun to rely on marijuana delivery. The medical uses of marijuana are vast. A large number of people need marijuana but are unable to access it. These people rely on weed delivery.

  • Busy users.

    Less of an excuse than being ill, but we all suffer from it. We work a lot these days and waiting in traffic is not how I want to spend my free time. I prefer going home and putting on a good record and cooking some food. I will let the marijuana come to me.

  • Safety first.

    This is a big one for me. Weed dispensaries are known for a high robbery rate. In fact, they are the most robbed stores in Colorado. I prefer to have my marijuana delivered to the safety of my own home. You can have them deliver anywhere you feel safe.

  • Laziness.

    Laziness is the biggest reason for medical marijuana delivery. I don’t want to drive to my local dispensary after work. I want to go home and relax with a wine and HBO series. Meadow weed delivery lets me do that and still get my marijuana. The crazy part is my Meadow coupon codes for $20 makes it almost cheaper than going to buy the weed yourself.

Meadow Coupon Codes will get you $20 off!

Where does GetMeadow Deliver?

Meadow delivers to a good number of cities. They are always trying to expand their delivery base too. Enter your zip code into my nifty little zip code database below. It will show you who delivers to your area. I hope Meadow is on that list!

Other ways to get Free Weed Delivery:

You are at this website looking for promo codes for Meadow delivery. If you have already used Meadow coupon codes, then I am afraid that is all there is. There are no currently no promo codes for existing meadow users. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still get free weed, though! Keep reading to find out how you can score yourself a lifetime supply of free marijuana.

Become a weed delivery promoter!

GetMeadow has a referral program that allows you promote their marijuana. They aren’t the only company that does this either. Greenrush and Eaze both have their own user referral programs. These programs are great for customers who have a large social presence. It encourages them to spread the word to their friends to get free weed.

The other option is to use the promotional offers from the other weed delivery companies. Each of the other weed delivery companies uses their own promo codes for first-time users. Check out the links below to see a few of the weed delivery competitors.

Eaze button for promo codes

Eaze Promo Code

Eaze is one of the best weed delivery companies out there. Click the image to save $60 off your first order with Eaze Promo Code link here. Or read our Eaze Review Here!

Meadow Weed Delivery Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my meadow coupon code article. If you have any comments please let me know!

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