Latex for Less – 2″ Latex Topper Review

We recently were sent a 2″ natural latex topper from Latex for Less to review. We tried it out for a week. Read on below to find out what we thought (hint: we liked it).

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Topper Review

We have a little nook in our house that fits a tiny little sofa in it. The sofa folds out into a bed, but it is extremely firm for sleeping on. So we thought it’d be a good idea to get a topper to make it a much more comfortable stay for guests!

Latex for Less sent me a Full Size 2″ Natural latex topper to try out. It arrived quickly and I let it “open up” for about 24 hours to make sure it was fully expanded.

Once I had the sheets on it, it looked and felt in every way much more like a real bed than the sofa bed had on its own. It had a really nice give when you sat on it or pushed your hand into it, but didn’t feel like you were sinking down into the depths of forever (as in, it was still a supportive bed).

Waking up the next morning I felt amazing. Because it was only 2″, the firm sofa underneath was still able to be felt, but it really took the edge off and made it in a nice firm mattress, rather than the plank it was before.

We’ve now had some guests come to stay on it and they also reported a really nice night’s sleep. I definitely think this topper would be a great way to slightly soften a mattress or surface that is too firm—or to add some extra life to an old mattress.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

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Easy Shipping

The mattress and mattress topper from Latex for Less come in really easy to maneuver boxes. Granted, they are heavy so you may want two people on hand, but I managed with just me.

You want to make sure you open them really near their final location, as they expand rapidly once you puncture the vacuum seal!


Topper Features

These 100% natural latex toppers have a multitude of features and benefits, including:
Pillowy soft
Single-origin latex
Provides excellent support
No chemical smell
Resilient and long-lasting
Superior pressure relief
OEKO-TEX® certified latex
GOTS certified organic cotton 
Made in the USA

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