KAYA Mattress Review

KAYA Mattress Review

The KAYA mattress is a new entrant in the increasingly competitive world of sleep products,
and it offers a lot for under $1,000. Manufactured in the USA, the mattress comes with a 20-
year warranty and a risk-free guarantee. Let’s check it out.

KAYA Mattress Review

Mattress Components

KAYA is a premium hybrid mattress. It is constructed from a variety of materials, including
both pocketed springs and foam. There are multiple layers in the mattress and different types
of foam. All of this creates a high level of durability and gives KAYA sleepers a better night’s

Top layer:

The uppermost layer is the ThermoGel infused cover. It is built with a continuous
knitting manufacturing process, and this produces a seamless finish without any visible
stitching. Gel is literally in the outer material of the mattress. This provides a cooling layer that
automatically regulates your body’s temperature while you sleep.
Since this is the layer that sits directly underneath the body, the KAYA mattress should be
cooler than a traditional memory foam mattress. KAYA’s technology begins cooling when
humidity or body moisture comes in contact with the cover.

Second layer:

The next layer in the KAYA sleep experience is highly responsive HD foam.
This isn’t memory foam. It’s a 1-inch layer of high-density responsive foam that provides 5
pounds of support per cubic foot. Quite frankly, this level of density is rare among mattresses.
This amount of density means that it’s made with more material, which also mean it’s just
better quality.

Third layer:

The next layer is 2-inches of memory foam. It contains 4 pounds of support per
cubic foot. It is designed to provide relief for the pressure points of the body. It also supports
the HD foam layer.

Fourth layer:

The fourth tier is transitional foam. It’s not memory foam. It’s a 1-inch sheet
that has 2 pounds of support per cubic foot. It creates compression support and to prepare
for the final level.

Base Layer:

Now we come to the base layer of the mattress, and here we find the coils,
which makes KAYA a true hybrid mattress. There are over 1,000 pocketed coils down there.
Pocketed means that each coil is individually wrapped, and with over a thousand coils. That’s
a lot of wrapping, breathability, and support. Most importantly, the pocketed coils are focused
on minimizing motion transfer. When you put pressure on one coil, there is almost non-
existent motion transfer to the coil placed next to it.

KAYA promises to use only “top-grade steel” from U.S. sources for its coils. The coils
themselves lie between two more layers of stabilizing foam. The very bottom layer that lies
beneath the coils is a 1-inch sheet that’s capable of supporting 1.8 pounds per cubic foot.
The result of all this engineering is edge support, virtually no motion transfer, and complete
body contouring. KAYA describes its product as medium-firm. On a firmness scale of 1 to 10,

the company grades the mattress a 6. Every KAYA mattress is wrapped in a fire redundant
fabric, which the company says has good flammability characteristics.

Available Mattress Sizes

The KAYA mattress comes in 6 different sizes. All of them have the same layers, which
produces a height of 11 inches. The Twin size is 40 inches wide and 75 inches long. The
Twin XL is a slightly longer 80 inches, but is actually narrower at just 38 inches. The Full size
KAYA mattress is wider at 53 inches, but has the same width as the Twin size.
The Queen comes in at 60 inches by 80 inches. The King size is 76 inches wide with the
same length as the Queen. The California King is a narrower 72 inches wide but provides 84
inches of length, which would be ideal for people over 6’ tall.
KAYA says that actual dimensions could vary a bit. The price for the Queen size mattress is
less than $1,000. Prices for smaller sizes will be less than that figure, and larger mattresses
will be higher.

KAYA Mattress Review Summary

Rating 9.4 | Final Thoughts

KAYA believes its mattress is the best in the sleep business, and it has guarantees to back
its product. First, every mattress comes with free shipping to all 50 American states (yes, this
includes Alaska and Hawaii) with plans to expand internationally in the near future.
Every KAYA mattress comes with a 4-month guarantee. If the product doesn’t give you a
good night’s sleep, you can return it within 120 days for a full refund with no questions asked.
On top of the initial free shipping to your door, KAYA also pays return shipping in the event
you’re not fully satisfied. There is a $100 return fee for mattresses coming back from Alaska
or Hawaii.
Besides the initial money-back guarantee, KAYA also provides a limited 20-year warranty
with each mattress it ships out. This two-decade guarantee is valid only for the original
purchaser, and only if the mattress remains inside the U.S. Despite these limitations, 20
years is a lengthy warranty, and it’s longer than those provided by some other brands,
including both hybrid and mail-order brands. KAYA says it can take the 20-year pledge
because its mattresses are made from higher quality materials. With free shipping and a risk-
free trial, it’s worth giving it a try.

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