James Allen Engagement Rings

James Allen creates gorgeous engagement and wedding rings of every style and price range. Plus, they are offering a $150 discount on any order over $1000.

Button above takes you to a James Allen landing page that includes the $150 discount.

Details about the $150 Deal

As mentioned above, you can order any ring over $1000 from JamesAllen and get an instant discount of $150. In order to be eligible, you must use a referral link like the one above before you place your order. The discount should appear on the page to which you are redirected from this site.

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JamesAllen Engagement Ring Options

James Allen allows you to choose every single element of your engagement ring, including setting, diamond, shape, style and metal.

Shapes include:
Round Cut
Princess Cut
Cushion Cut

Styles include:

Metals include:
Rose Gold
White Gold
Yellow Gold

 ▶ View all options here

We adore James Allen—they have great customer service, products at really competitive prices, and a really breezy ordering and shipping process.

They have rings for every budget as well as in every style you can imagine.

Don’t miss out on saving $150 by using a referral link like this one.

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