IDLE Sleep Mattress Review

IDLE sleep Hybrid Mattress Review

IDLE sleep is a mattress with a lot of knowledge going into it. Created by a sleep expert, I expected a lot from this bed and was not disappointed. Lets check out how the IDLE sleep medium firm mattress feels and behaves.

IDLE sleep Hybrid Medium Luxury Mattress  Review

The medium firm mattress is slightly softer than average. I would say it gets a 4.5 out of 10, with 10 being the firmest. I weigh 180 pounds, so this will feel softer for me than a smaller person. The softness does lend itself to side sleepers, but isn’t ideal for stomach sleepers. IDLE sleep does make a firm mattress that would suit stomach and side sleepers more.

The IDLE sleep medium bed has a great bounce and response for such a soft mattress. This is because of the spring layer beneath the foam that provides a nice bounce. The best part is the foam layers on top still do a great job isolating motion. There is always a risk that springs will cause too much movement during the night.

Mattress Construction

IDLE sleep has created this mattress with the best materials available. In return, customers get a bed that will last longer than expected. Lets take a look at what is inside the IDLE sleep hybrid mattress. 

IDLE Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review

 Thermocool fabric Cover– Smart fiber sections help adjust to keep the temperature neutral. Not to hot or too code.
1” IDLE quilting foam- this top foam layer ads the soft comfort you feel when first laying on the mattress.
1” IDLE Air Flow Response Foam– This foam is more responsive, providing a nice blend between the soft top and springs beneath.
2” IDLE Cooling Buoyancy Foam- billions of little bubbles provide a soft feel for this layer of mattress.
6” Quantum Edge-To-Edge Pocketed Coils- with over 1000 coils, this section provides the support for the bed. It also provides the bounce and responsiveness.

Who Should Buy This Mattress

  • Side sleepers looking for a soft mattress
  • Sleepers looking for a mattress that will last a long time
  • Sleepers who want comfort but support as well

Who Should Not Buy This Mattress

  • Sleepers who like very firm beds
  • Sleepers who want the soft bed feeling without any responsiveness
  • Sleepers looking for an inexpensive mattress

IDLE sleep Hybrid Mattress Review Summary

Rating 9.4 | Final Thoughts

IDLE sleep uses great quality materials and it really shows with their mattress. This mattress is a soft bed, but it still has a good responsiveness. That being said, if you are a heavier person or like firmer beds you might want to check out the firm version of the IDLE sleep series. 

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