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HopSkipDrive is a simple concept when you think about it. Mothers are some of the busiest people on Earth. They often run out of time just trying to get their kids from point A to B. The idea of putting their child into an Uber is out of the question. But what if there was a service specifically designed to drive children? Read our HopSkipDrive review and find out why you need this service!

Read our HopSkipDrive and see why parents trust it.

HopSkipDrive Review

What is HopSkipDrive?

HopSkipDrive is a ridesharing service for children. The app was created by 3 mothers who found themselves running out of time. A huge percentage of their time spent in traffic. They needed to drive their kids around, but they were only one person.

They all joined together and created HopSkipDrive. HopSkipDrive is a ridesharing service, but that is where the similarities end. Their service is completely focused to ensuring your child has the safest drive. As mothers themselves, they know what it would take to ensure your child with a driver.

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Why you can trust HopSkipDrive

Uber and Lyft are great for the general public, but they are not setup for children. In fact, neither of the companies are insured to carry passengers under the age of 18. The certification for drivers is also very relaxed. Some Uber drivers were able to begin driving without ever doing a trial at all.

The mothers of HopSkipDrive realized that this was not good enough. They require that each CareDriver has to undergo an intensive 15-point certification process. Trust us, it is not easy to become a CareDriver.

Drivers are fingerprinted and background checked before they can even think of driving. They must all have an addition 5 years of caregiving experience and valid references. We have heard that they do follow through and call all the references. The car must be at least 2006 or newer and checked thoroughly for safety.

HopSkipDrive knows just how important your children are. They spare no expense to ensure that everything is absolutely perfect. Mothers and fathers can relax knowing their child is in great hands.

How do you use HopSkipDrive?

It is very simple to use HopSkipDrive, but we understand that not all people are technically savvy. We have created a HopSkipDrive walk through to help get setup. Check out our HopSkipDrive tutorial below.

  • Download the HopSkipDrive app.

  • Create an account, telling them about yourself and your kids.

  • Enter your payment, make sure to use our HopSkipDrive promo code HOPPY001 to save $20.

  • Finally choose the time and date for the ride.

Parents everywhere need to read our HopSkipDrive review and learn what you are missing.

Where is HopSkipDrive Located?

HopSkipDrive is currently located in Los Angeles, Orange County, Bay Area, and San Jose. If you don’t see your address, don’t panic. HopSkipDrive is growing fast! Download their app and enter your location so they know you want them in your area. It is only a matter of time before they are all over the US.

HopSkipDrive Carpooling

Parents understand the value of saving a dime or two. (Make sure to save $20 with our HopSkipDrive promo code HOPPY001). That is why HopSkipDrive has created a carpooling feature. Users can book a carpool with friends and add any family or friends to the carpool. The app will automatically turn the ride into a single family ride. Parents can enter who should be picked up first and other options. It’s a really great way to pick up a lot of children.

How much does it cost?

The fares are based on time and mileage, just like Uber or Lyft. Single Family min fares are $16, while Carpools are $10 flat rate per family. It is not a bad price for the comfort and confidence your child is safe.

Check out the fare estimate tool on their site.

HopSkipDrive Promo Codes

It is very simple to use the HopSkipDrive Promo Codes. We have created a quick tutorial to help guide you through the process. Make sure to use our HopSkipDrive promo code tutorial to help sign up.

  • Download the HopSkipDrive app here Click Here

  • Create an account, telling them a little about yourself.

  • Enter payment details and our $20 HopSkipDrive Promo Code HOPPY001

  • Enjoy a free $20 off your first ride.

Ride safe with HopSkipDrive

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HopSkipDrive Ambassador Program

There are so many parents out there who don’t know about this service. HopSkipDrive wants your help to spread the word. Sign up for a HopSkipDrive account using our Coupon Code HOPPY001. Then join the HopSkipDrive ambassador program to help spread the word. Every parent you refer will earn you $10.


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HopSkipDrive Rating


HopSkipDrive Review Summary

This review is just one of the many praising the HopSkipDrive service. Children are our future and no price can be put on their safety. That being said, there are times when a parent needs that extra little time. That is where HopSkipDrive comes to the rescue. Let them give you that time. Your children are safe with their experienced CareDrivers.

Make sure to use our HopSkipDrive Coupon code HOPPY001 to get $20 off your first ride.

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