GreenRush Discounts

GreenRush is one of the biggest weed delivery services in California. They currently cover the most zip codes in the state. They want customers to try out their services. To that end, they are offering new users GreenRush Discounts of up to $80 off!

GreenRush Discount Code --HAPPY80--

Get $80 off your GreenRush Weed Delivery

Our GreenRush Discounts can save you $80 just by using the discount code HAPPY80

How to use your GreenRush Discounts

GreenRush has given us a special code for new users. Enter the GreenRush discount code HAPPY80 and receive an $80 discount. That’s $20 for the first 4 orders. This is the biggest discount of any of the weed delivery companies. $80 of free medical marijuana just for entering GreenRush code HAPPY80! We guarantee you won’t find a bigger discount than that.

GreenRush Existing User Discount

We have gone one step further. We have worked with GreenRush to get a GreenRush existing user promo code! Older users can get $15 off your GreenRush medical marijuana order. So after you have already saved $80, you can now save another $15! That’s a total of $105 of free weed!

You will not be able to find over a hundred dollars of free medical marijuana anywhere else. Make sure to use our GreenRush Discounts and give weed delivery a shot. Even if there were no deals, I would tell you to use marijuana delivery. It is the most convenient and easy way to get your marijuana.

Invite a bud Program

GreenRush has ways for you to earn free weed as well! Already used your $105 of free marijuana? Why not try earning some free weed? The invite a bud program is exactly what it sounds like. Users can earn free weed by inviting their friends to try out GreenRush.

GreenRush referral tutorial:

  • GreenRush supplies users with a code that they can share with their friends. Click here for a code

  • The code gets them $80 of free medical marijuana.

  • Once they use the code, you earn $20 of free marijuana.

  • Everyone celebrates by lighting up a bowl.

Use our GreenRush Discounts! Code HAPPY80 and save $80 off your first weed delivery order!

GreenRush Ambassador Program

Still not satisfied? GreenRush has a way for you to earn actual money. Once you have a stock pile of marijuana why not try earning some extra cash on the side. Sign up to become a GreenRush ambassador and earn money once they approve you. It’s not easy earning as an ambassador, so be ready to work hard.

  • Ambassadors travel to marijuana events and concerts, promoting the GreenRush brand.

  • They hand out GreenRush cards to all their friends.

  • Ambassadors think of new and creative ways to get new GreenRush users.

Every new user an ambassadors signs up earns them $10. That may not seem like a lot, but it adds up quickly! If you get 100 people at a concert to sign up, that is $1000 for one nights work. The best part is you are giving people an $80 GreenRush discount! The product practically sells itself. Sign up now and help GreenRush grow!

Join the GreenRush Ambassador Program

Start referring people now!

We hope you have enjoyed our GreenRush discounts post. Use our Weed Locator to see if GreenRush delivers to your location!

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