GhostBed Promo Codes

The GhostBed mattress comes from Natures Sleep. They know they have a great bed which is why they offer a 101 day trial period. If you are looking for a GhostBed discount, then you are in luck. TopDown Reviews has GhostBed Promo codes worth $50.

Check out our full GhostBed review here:

GhostBed Promo Codes

Our coupon gets you $50 off!

Use our GhostBed Promo Codes and save $50 on a new mattress!

GhostBed Promo Codes

How to use our GhostBed coupon codes

Using the GhostBed promo codes is easy. All customers have to do is click here or click on the link above. The referral link will take you to the Natures Sleep website. The $50 will automatically be applied.

Customers can then shop for the desired mattress size and check out. The GhostBed Promo codes will show up in the shopping cart. It couldn’t be more straightforward. If you have any problems, make sure to send us an email so we can help.

Try our GhostBed Promo Codes walkthrough

  • Activate your $50 GhostBed promo code HERE

  • The link above will take you to

  • $50 will automatically be applied, you don’t need to do anything.

  • Select your mattress and add it to the cart.

  • You will see the $50 GhostBed Discount in the shopping cart.

TopDown GhostBed Mattress Promo Codes

GhostBed refer a friend program: Share the Love

GhostBed is relatively new to the mattress in a box industry. They know they have a great bed and want customers to help them spread the word. To help with this they created the GhostBed refer a friend program.

The referral program is simple to use. Customers sign up HERE¬†to buy the GhostBed. GhostBed will then supply the users with a GhostBed Promo code link. This referral link will give $50 off first time GhostBed buyers. When they buy the GhostBed, you will earn $50 as well. It’s a win-win!

GhostBed Ambassador program

People often get confused between referral programs and ambassador programs. The GhostBed refer a friend is a mixture of both. Customers are asked to invite their friends. Instead of receiving credits, they receive $50 in cash. Thus the referral program is partly an ambassador program.

GhostBed Mattress Promo Codes

Use our $50 off discount.

GhostBed Promo Codes Summary

We gave the GhostBed a 9.2 in our review. The $50 GhostBed Promo codes and 101 night trail period make buying this bed a no-brainer.

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