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Freight Club Review

Is there a more arduous task than freight shipping? Between packaging and getting quotes, never mind the tedious paperwork required, shipping anything that doesn’t fit in a mailbox is an ordeal. Luckily, we’ve got Freight Club to take care of all that for us.

Freight Club Review

Freight Club is an integrated shipping platform. The idea is pretty genius, actually. Instead of the shipper taking tons of time to shop around for quotes and services, reviews and timetables, Freight Club does all that for you – all you have to do is fill out their online form just one time, and voila! Quotes arrive in seconds. Not only that, Freight Club sees the entire shipment through based on whichever service you select.

The Product

Using Freight Club’s website is easy. I won’t say it’s the most beautiful or innovative design, but it’s simple and it works. You just enter your shipment’s information – size, pick up and destination zip codes, what sort of items you’re shipping, etc. and a list of shipping options becomes available. If you like the options, you can sign up.

Freight Club offers several options: trucking an entire single shipment, LTL (less than truckload), ground and parcel shipping, e-commerce, and 5 levels of white glove delivery: light assemble, package removal, room of choice, threshold, and curbside.

I used the residential LTL shipping for some furniture. Freight Club says they’ll pick up within 48 hours of booking, and sure enough, two days later my furniture was loaded onto the truck. You can use their real time tracking feature so you know where your items are in transit, which is pretty handy for those of us who get a little antsy waiting for our stuff. When the shipment arrived, they unloaded my furniture and placed it in the rooms like I requested on the form. It was so easy.


Freight Club offers special low cost because they offer a bridge service – all shipping goes through them, and so the more they ship, the lower the rates they can charge their customers. It means that not only do you have to do less work, you pay less than you would without Freight Club’s bulk rates.


  • Easy to use
  • Saves time
  • Lots of shipping options
  • Low cost


  • The site’s a little bland

Freight Club Review Summary

Rating 9.4

Freight Club is an easy to use, smart, and logical shipping solution. The customer benefits from Freight Club’s bulk shipments, with less hassle and less cost. It’s a smart company model, and it’s definitely a must for anyone who does large shipments.

Check out Freight Club for yourself.

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